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The Voice clocks-in 50600 Facebook Fans
From last year’s 6000 fans on Facebook to todays’ 50600 fans, The Voice is proud to have such a huge family of readers who do not just consume the news but also make the news through lively commentary.

MosakoThe recent acquittal of local musician, Mosako, in defilement case prompts readers to warn man to beware:

Larona Monyatsi: The young girls of today are too forward. They like bars, clubs and all those things where they shouldn’t be at all.

Kenneth Williams: If I were the Magistrate I would release people accused to have slept with these ‘children’ because I know that these ‘children’ are the ones going after grown ups.

Adam Radithobane: The defilement law should be amended because it is old fashioned. Certain things should be looked at, for example: we should use height, body structure of the complainant, and the meeting place.

Tsabeng Tiny: People don’t understand what is going on here.There is too much evil in this country. The very same people called ‘ma14’ are the ones used to provoke men so as to destroy their lives in a sinister plot. Well known people are being targeted so make sure you are careful.

Readers see mixed messages as squatter demolitions run parallel with government’s policy and ethos.

Bolokang Monare: BoDiPa government is worse than ZANU PF. They have poverty eradication on one side but on the other they have poverty increasing.

Lee Banks: (Mourn) If it s the law, then law makers are shameless. Where is the dignity? What if it was their parents? Or maybe it is because they can acquire land corruptly. God bless the poor people who don’t have land in earth but in heaven.

Keitumetse Ditsala: A tolerant and compassionate nation my left foot! These demolitions are meant to create an even larger pool of destitute people who will in turn be given food by the ruling party and who will surely vote for that party. A writer I know was said the BDP strategy is to keep Batswana poor, give them a titbit and you are a saviour in their eyes, and they will vote for you. Do you think that writer was wide off the mark?

blow-by-blowCurious readers ponder who won the boxing bout between Kweneng Councillor and Council Secretary over allowances:

Kele Siwane: So who won the fight?

Melvin Letebele: The councillor defeated the council secretary. He is a Rasta, and you know that the punch of a Rasta is thundering. Plus he is still in his youth so I’m sure he can find his way to the Olympics.

Kele Siwane: I guess Oteng Oteng has competition now. We will have more representatives for the next Olympics.

Onkabetse Modisapudi: I didn’t know were had fine boxers in the country. Now they need to represent the country at games and stop playing office boxing!


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  • cheerful
    December 14, 2012, 8:31 pm

    If I were the Magistrate I would release people accused to have slept with these ‘children’ because I know that these ‘children’ are the ones going after grown ups.

    Looks like the childrens Organisations have alot of work to do – Wonder if the right p eople are in these Organisations

    Someone has hit the nail on the head- the lawmakers are SHAMELESS

    Practice what you preach

  • cheerful
    December 14, 2012, 8:35 pm

    One would think that people would have better things to come to blows about!!
    Bring in the boxing gloves!! This is not the first article where Blows have been exchanged

  • cheerful
    December 15, 2012, 2:05 pm

    No compassion, emphathy or Dignity shown against those who have lost their homes

    Yes what about if these people who have lost their homes were connected to those who did this. can answer your question all hell would have broken loose.

    Those who lost their homes should go and camp outside their homes or offices of those who did this to them – this is not the CIVIL way to do it


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