RESILIENT: Kgosiemang

RESILIENT: Kgosiemang

Female pastor refuses to give up

It has been four years since former Reverend of the Dutch Reformed Church in Mochudi village, Mmoniemang Kgosiemang resigned from the church.

She was forced to resign from his position by a group of over 40 women and around 10 men in 2008. Their objection was that they did not want to be led by a woman, a single mother for that matter and thus took the church to court to force her out.

The court ruled in her favour but that did not change the attitude of some of the church elders who wanted her out on the basis that she was a woman, she ultimately opted out.

This however did not mean that she was giving up on her faith in God as she formed a new Pentecostal church called New Revelation, which has been fellowshipping at Morwa village for the past three years.

“I believe it was a calling from God, so I am not bitter about everything that happened. It was God’s plan for me to leave Dutch Reformed Church and that is why somebody had to force me out. Really I am thankful that I am where I am today. I thank my God for that,” Kgosiemang pointed out.

Now a Pastor in church of about 100 people who are mostly women, Kgosiemang says she has forgiven and forgotten about the past and working on building a church and spreading the gospel.

Having learnt through her rejection at her former church which she had served as a Reverend for seven years, and through Counselling sessions in church, Kgosiemang believes that there is still untold stories  as far as gender based violence is concerned.

The outspoken Pastor believes that men continue to suffer in silence because they are shy to report violence which continues to be perpetrated on them by their women.

“Culture taught us that a man does not cry in public and that they are a provider. Many women are therefore bullying men because of such beliefs. They use terrible words and abuse their partners emotionally, some exploit them financially. We have heard of many cases where women enter into marriages because of material things they may gain from the marriage,” Kgosiemang pointed out.

She added that some parents especially mothers connive with the daughters not to disclose their property to their spouses so that the mother can enjoy the benefits.

“But when the couple divorces, they want to share the property which the husband had accumulated on his own before marriage,” Kgosiemang pointed out..

Kgosiemang was speaking during an interview at her house in Morwa recently in remembrance of the just ended16 days of activism against gender based violence.

She was in fact calling on men to report violence and to stop suffering in silence because she said if they do, they end up venting out their anger in a tragic manner.

“Churches are there to offer free counselling. You don’t have to be a church member to get such kind of support. It is our responsibility to promote love and peace in the societies that we leave in,” Kgosiemang added.

A single mother of three, Pastor Kgosiemang who has devoted her life to Christ has advised parents to raise their girl and boy children in the same manner so that they would know how to appreciate and respect their opposite sex partners when they are older.

“Teach a child to walk in the righteous path when they are still very young and they would never derail even when they are old,” Kgosiemang added.

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