NEW IDENTITY: Tawana Land Board

After years of bad publicity and being perceived as the most corrupt land board in the country, Tawana Land Board (TLB) has come up with a new logo as part of its re-branding exercise.

The logo was launched last week together with the board’s magazine called Sexhibi.

Talking about the rebranding exercise, TLB’s Secretary Tlotlego Rampha said they would now like to position themselves as an organization of excellence in sustainable land management.

“We want to improve public’s perception of TLB on service delivery and sustain a level of cooperation,” she said.

She mentioned that as an organisation dealing with land they needed to have one position statement related to land management and ensuring that water or Makgobokgobo as some call it as a major natural resource in Ngamiland is reflected.

She said that the logo is intended to capture the natural recourses of flora and fauna found in the district as well as showing their diverse and vibrant culture, history, and uniqueness of Ngamiland.
The new logo has four features which are lion cub, sunrise, green, brown and blue colours. Rampha said that the lion cub represents the community of Goo-Tawana and their Kgosi.

“The multi- cultural mix of the people of Ngamiland is a melting pot of languages, dances and culinary dishes admireed by other people in Botswana.

This diversity brings pride and respect for the Kgosi and the community. It also shows the abundant wildlife that is found in the district.”

She said the sunrise represents hope and new life and that the intrinsic relationship between lion cub and the sunrise symbolizes continuity and togetherness since time immemorial, life revolves around day and night.

Rampha said that blue represents silhouette wave from the Okavango while green represents the flora and fauna which is used for food, shelter, medicinal, industrial and commercial purposes.

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