Cllrs reject motion to name F/town stadia after former mayor



Francistown councillors have rejected a motion calling for the naming of the second city’s stadia which is still under construction, Peter Ngoma stadium.

During the recently ended full council meeting, all councillors refused to support Monarch South councillor, Ignatius Moswaane’s motion suggesting that the new stadium should be named after the former mayor.

The councillors revealed that they don’t see any significance for the stadium to be called Peter Ngoma since he was just an ordinary citizen apart from the fact that he was once the mayor of Francistown.

Before dismissing the motion, the incumbent mayor James Kgalajwe, explained that it was also against the constitution of the country for government structures to be named after people who are still alive.

“The law allows government structures and monuments to be called after names of individuals only if there are no more.

There is a section in the constitution that clearly stipulates that no government structure would be named after a person who is still alive,” Kgalajwe said.

Meanwhile council Tabengwa Tabengwa wanted to know whether Moswaane had consulted the Ngoma family about plans to lobby for the Francistown stadium to be named in his names.

“If proper consultation has been done about the renaming of the new stadium after Ngoma then I don’t have any problem with the motion,” said Tabengwa although he never raised his hand in support of the motion.

Dejected Moswaane told The Voice that the stadium should be named in honour of Ngoma since he did quite a lot of things during his tenure as mayor of Francistown.

“Ngoma rejected the initially planned stadium which had a smaller capacity until the government found it fit to change its plan and give residents of Francistown the current stadium,” Moswaane said pointing that it was shocking for fellow councillors not to recognise Ngoma’s contribution in Francistown.

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  • tutu
    December 17, 2012, 5:33 pm

    nnyaa, Ignatius o feletswe. batho ba kgaolo ya gagwe ba seka ba motlhopa. E le gore Ngoma o dirileng se se extra-odinary to name the stadium after him? The only fitting name for that stadium is NIGEL AMOS STADIUM….lets recognize the young lad while he is still young and alive. To me really thats the only befiting person we can honour, for obvious reason. Ke ba itse they will honour someone who contributes to domi


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