Praises God for his acquittal

Local Motswako rapper Lee Rakobe, popularly known as Mosako or MSK in music circles had the last laugh on Tuesday after his defilement case was dropped even before a trial date was set.

The ‘Bak to lala’ hit maker has had this case hanging over his head for nearly four years.

Rakobe who turned to God during his trying times said his acquittal is a testimony of God’s love if one is repentant enough and is willing to serve him.

“This case has been giving me sleepless nights. I could not even record in the last couple of years because I could not think straight; my creative juices just could not flow as the case was always on my mind,” said Rakobe.

He said he was able to remain sane by living on prayer and living for God. The dreadlocked rapper said from now on he will only be spotted at the studio, church and on stage.

“Every mistake should be a learning curve and as artists we need to grow up and show the nation that artists are responsible people,” he said.

The smooth rapper said being in a situation he was in also affects family members who are always in fear of seeing one of their own going to jail.

“After what happened to Deben Natale and Ditiro Leero everybody feared for the worst and  I could not believe it when I heard the words acquittal.

However my pastors had assured me earlier that God was going to give me a second chance,” said the repentant Rakobe.

Meanwhile MSK has a word of advice for his fellow musicians especially during this festive season.

“You guys need to be extra careful, don’t ever say this, could never happen to you, because that’s what I used to say until I received a call that fateful day.

I thought it was a joke but it was serious and nearly destroyed my brand as nobody wants to be associated with somebody with issues like that,” he said.

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