RELIEVED: Obert and mum

Boy 7,lost and found

A seven year -old boy of Tutume village in the north east district who got lost while gathering edible insects last Saturday has been found.

Obert Chinani who wandered off 30 kilometres away from  home while pursuing the edible insects was found the following day after spending a night under a tree in the bush.

Little Chinani  lost direction to his home after straying from friends while insects hunting and later failed to find his way back home.

Relating his ordeal, the brave little boy  said that when he realised that he had lost his way home  and it was getting dark he started running.

“I ran trying to find my way home and calling my friends who never answered me. After travelling for sometime it became very dark and because I was scared I slept under a tree. I did not eat anything that night as I had thrown away the insects which I had caught,” he said.

The following day Obert continued walking about in the bush until late afternoon when he saw an old woman who invited him to her house at the fields.

“When I told the woman that I was hungry she gave me some food and later called the police who came and took me home,” Obert shyly explained, adding that he will never go insect hunting again.

Obert’s relieved mum Emulani Chinani said the boy disappeared from home at around six o’clock in the evening after joining his playmates to gather insects to eat.

“When he did not come home, I told other neighbours and reported the matter to the police. His friends only told us that they parted with him in the bush so we immediately started searching for him but it became difficult to trace him in the dark and the rain.

He was only found the following day which was a great relief as we were fearing that that the worst could have happened,’’ she said.

Emulani said when her son was found his legs and feet were swollen. He was then admitted in hospital for two days for observation.

She thanked the old woman who saved her son saying they would always remember her for her kindness.

Tutume police station commander Vusumusi Jorowe advised parents to always keep a close eye on their children, adding that it was sheer luck that the boy was found still alive.

Police hunted for the little boy the whole night and only called off the search  party at around 4 o’clock the following day when someone reported that the boy was found.

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