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Yellow monster rears its ugly again in Maun

More than 100 families from Shashe ward in Maun were left with no roofs over their heads after the yellow monster bulldozed their homes to the ground on Monday morning.

Amongst the affected was a 64 -year -old man who was nearly buried under the rubble of his house.

Speaking to The Voice during the demolition, Ditaolo Tirelo said that while still trying to remove the door, the bull dozer brought his house down without a warning. He said that he only saw dust filling the house and people screaming for help.

“I then realized that the machine was bringing my house down and I had to quickly dash out before I could be injured,” said the shaken old man with dust all over his coat.
And his main concern like the rest of the community was, where to next as Shashe was the only place they called home.

The only alternative that the affected families have at the moment is to seek refuge under the trees.

Councillor Kaukapita Kaukapita of Sedie ward rushed to the scene and pleaded with them to consult District Commissioner’s office for temporary accommodation to avoid being soaked in rain.

However that could not happen as by Wednesday when it rained the families some of whom were made up of new born babies were still under trees.
The majority of the evicted families blamed their area councillor Gimamma Ben of the Botswana Democratic Party who they accused of neglecting them after getting their votes through cheating.
“We were made to believe that we were voting for her father until after elections, she cheated her way to council and she has not set foot in this area in the last three years,” said Boikobo Mothowamadi.

The councillor was not there even at a full council the following day and was not available for a comment.

Surprisingly the District Commissioner for Ngamiland Bernadette Malala said that she was not aware of demolitions of houses in Shashe.

“I don’t know anything about evictions of squatters or people from Shashe, its news to me and I cannot say much,” she said before leaving Council Chambers.

17 families were evicted in Sexaxa some few months back while 27 and 22 were evicted from Toteng and Xanxana areas respectively.

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