A Molepolole woman has appealed for help following a hailstorm that blew off the roofing of her donated house and damaged all the property that was inside.

Nearly five years after  two mud huts she shared with her family were reduced to ashes after they were struck by lightning, Ontlametse Sekgobo, 54, and her family of five find themselves in the open again.

After the disaster that hit the family in 2007, Botswana Telecommunications Corporation responded to Sekgobo’s plight and donated the two and a half house for the family.

After the recent hailstorm, Sekgobo and her family have been given temporary relief by the District Commissioner’s office who lent the family a tent, but without any income and relying on her orphaned granddaughter’s food ration for survival, Sekgobo is worried that when the DC’s office repossess the tent next month they will have no place to call home.

“I’ve lost all the furniture that I had acquired by doing piece jobs.

My son whom I had pinned my hopes on when he finished his Form 5 has since suffered a mental lapse and he just stays at home without anything to do.

His elder sister failed Form 2 many years ago and can’t get gainful employment.

I used to benefit from the destitute’s food basket but when my eldest daughter died two years ago her orphaned daughter was entered into the programme and the social services had to scrape me off,” she said.

Meanwhile public relations officer at the National Disaster Office in Gaborone, Tebogo Modiakgotla said victims of disasters are never abandoned as the social services are available to help them,” he said.

Modiakgotla would not confirm or deny allegations that the victims would get any form of compensation as he had to confirm with his superiors first.

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