Travelling for an assignment to Palapye last week a Voice Reporter listened to a conversation which centered on how women love lavish life and are easily enticed by money spinning schemes which promise huge interests but eventually leave them in debt. Below is how it unfolded.

Man in orange t-shirt: Banna (gentlemen) life is extremely tough these days, money is never enough and I cannot keep up with the ever increasing cost of life.

Yellow t-shirt: You are not the only one struggling. Other men have turned to all sorts of schemes, such as being traditional doctors, prophets and pastors just to cash in. Even our home boy became a traditional doctor for a couple of months before his old lady chased him away from the family home

Orange t-shirt:  You mean that small boy whose father was a well known witchdoctor? Someone was telling me how he used to shout at his mother for always being in town instead of going to the lands.

Yellow t-shirt: All he wanted was to have enough time to fake his healing powers. When his mother was away in the lands, people in the village noticed a lot of big cars always parked at his home late in the evenings or very early in the mornings.

Orange t shirt: Since when did that mosimanyana (boy) learn to throw bones. He just wanted to make money.  This is why am saying women have a problem or are problems themselves.  They are the ones you will find queuing at the traditional doctors’ places.

Chelsea jersey: (nodding his head) I agree with you mokwena, they are also the ones who fill up these churches looking for prosperity and marriage.

Orange t shirt: My very own wife tried to pull me to visit one of them saying we can find help for our financial woes. In her soft voice she said tle rra diyathusa (they are very helpful). (The men laugh). I refused and said if these prophets can double why they don’t double their own money till they have enough. I have just concluded that Batswana are not clever, they want money that comes fast but do not want to work for it

Chelsea jersey: Yaa, we want riches and luxury but we aren’t willing to sweat for it. Not knowing that easy come, easy go.

Yellow t shirt: Gentlemen Batswana have gone to extremes and are thirsty for money more than ever before. Everyone wants to be rich and will not rest or be beaten by another. At my workplace I am the only who is working, the rest of my colleagues are always stuck on the internet checking their daily profits.

Orange t-shirt: Ehe! What is going on the internet?

Yellow t-shirt: They say they have shares in euro trade or eurorex am not sure about the name. All my colleagues are crazy about it. Some have sold houses, others have taken bank loans to invest in this eurorex, where they say they are making profits every day.

Chelsea jersey: Is this company in Botswana? What does it sell or buy?

Yellow t shirt: (Shrugging his shoulders) If you ask this one they tell you it’s in Germany, another it’s in Russia, others say it’s in Panama. No one will give you a straight answer. One of the guys even sold his house and pumped all the money into this so called euro trade. You should see how he walks, feeling very rich and on top of the world. They have tried to convince me to join but I have told them to leave me alone with my two thebe! I can’t throw away the little that I have into a bottomless pit which I can see with my own two naked eyes!

Woman seated next to the man in the yellow t shirt bursts out in laughter

Yellow t shirt: Women once again are the majority, in this euro trade. What surprises me is none of my colleagues has shown me the real money, They all sing one song, we are reinvesting the profits.

Orange t shirtWa bonna monna (you see gentleman) this is the kind of rubbish that I don’t believe, and waste my time on. How do you take your hard earned cash and give to a company which you don’t know where it is or who the directors are.

Yellow t shirt: What is even more startling is the way you join, they say you have to send your money through Western Union so that it can be immediately received on the other side.

Chelsea jersey: And who gets the money on the other side? May be that person moves from Germany to Russia and so forth just to collect the cash in his brief case.  There’s no investment going on, people are being robbed!

Chelsea jersey: But still our women never learn. Where there is a trace of money that’s where you will find themm.

The bus arrives in Palapye and passengers make their way out into the rank.

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