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As the festive season mood takes its toll on the nation, most share prices on the stock exchange are tumbling as people off load them so they can cash in and have more disposable income.

And while that happens, a market analyst at Motswedi Securities, Thabane Nehemiah says it’s the perfect time for those who wish to invest by buying shares to do so.

“Prices of stock are going down as there are many which are on offer since people are selling them so they can have extra cash to be merry. For those who were waiting for the shares to go down so they can buy or those who have been hesitating to buy, now is the time as the prices are quite reasonable,” said Nehemiah.

Money Maker: Table showing shares on the stock exchange

He gave an example of Barclays Bank shares which were P6.90 last December but are now in the range of P6.55 per share.

“This is a loss of 35 thebe which might look like its nothing but actually means a lot considering that shares are sold and bought in bulk.

I hope Batswana will take heed, keep a close eye on the stock exchange and invest,’’ he said.

He however said the issue of shares going down at this time of the year was not only synonymous with Botswana but seemed to be a global trend as people around the world prepare to celebrate Christmas.

Nehemiah also cautioned Batswana against overspending and living beyond their means saying they run of risk of being debt ridden.

“While the cost of living is too high and salaries never enough to cover everything that people want, it is not wise to over borrow as this over stretches one’s income when paying back what they would have borrowed.

“It’s even more common and tempting for people to borrow money or get loans during this time year so they can finance the holidays but I would urge Batswana to think twice about doing that,” he said.

Nehemiah also lamented the lack of saving culture in Botswana which he said is never inculcated in the early stages of life.

“I appreciate that most people are left with almost nothing to save at the end of the month as they survive from cheque to cheque but sadly for those who can manage to save they still don’t,” he said.


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