Dear Consumer’s Voice #1

I need to check the authenticity of a certain Regina Horley who claims to be a business investor who can give businesses loans to finance their businesses.

A friend of mine got her connections from Linkedin network.

She promised to lend him a whopping $10,000,000 to finance his business.

Her address is 3630 Gatlin Dr, Rockledge FI, in Florida.

Thank you in advance.


This is certainly the beginning of a scam. It’s simply not how loans operate.

Total strangers on the internet do not lend people money and they certainly don’t lend millions of dollars to people they’ve never met.

Her LinkedIn profile is itself very dubious. It says she works for the Federal Reserve Board, but is a “Private Investor (General Financing)”.

The Federal Reserve Board isn’t an organisation that lends money to people, it’s just the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA.

There is no doubt that this is an “advance fee” scam. Before your friend gets the enormous “loan” (which of course doesn’t exist) he’ll be required to pay a fee in advance.

That fee is what the whole scam is about. If he pays that first fee you can be sure that there will be another fee and then another until he runs out of money or realizes his mistake.

It will be too late by then. The money will have gone forever.

Nobody EVER gets refunds from scammers!

Please encourage your friend not to pursue this any further!



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