ACCUSED: Mmereki

A Francistown man has been brought before court to answer charges of defilement after he allegedly had a one night of sex with a schoolgirl some two years ago.

Allegations against MmerekiMmereki, 31 of Block II in Francistown are that on the night of August 16 2010 at or near Block II he had sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old school girl who cannot consent to any sexual act, according to the law.

At the time when the offense was committed, the victim (who cannot be named due to the nature of the offense) was doing Form III at Selepa Junior Secondary School and staying with her mother at Satellite location.

Narrating her story during the commencement of the trial before Francistown magistrate Sijabuliso Siziba on Tuesday, the victim said she had a misunderstanding with her mother that resulted in her moving out of the family lodgings at Satellite location.

She told court that she moved in with his other boyfriend in the shanty location of Block I in Francistown.

On the fateful day around 7pm, she said she took a walk to Chedu Choga shopping complex with a former male schoolmate.  While at the shops, Mmereki summoned her.

“He proposed love to me and I accepted his proposal. We started having some drinks at the shopping complex until around 8pm. He then asked me to accompany him to his place at Block II,” she told the court.

She told the court that her live-in boyfriend was on night shift when he went to the accused person’s place.

“We had sexual intercourse on that night,” she said. “I mean he inserted his penis into my vagina on several occasions on that night,” the victim said confidently when asked to elaborate what she meant by having sexual intercourse.

She said the accused person never bothered to ask her about her age throughout the night.

Testifying in court, the mother of the alleged defiled schoolgirl said she had rebuked her daughter before she moved out of their lodgings. She said she then reported her as a missing person after failing to return home.

When they finally relocated her on September 5, 2010 she told them that she was staying with her boyfriend at Block I and that the accused person had sexual intercourse with her at his place.

However Mmereki insisted that he does not know the complainant and that her never had sexual intercourse with the young girl. The case continues.

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