A man who tried to knock some sense into a magistrates’ head with a glass of water was this week slapped with a six-month jail term.

Lady luck smiled on his face on Monday as Onneile Mmipi, 29, narrowly escaped a mandatory 12-month jail term for common assault when a Village Magistrates court passed a lenient sentence after considering that the victim in the case was not physically harmed.

Mmipi found himself with the additional charge two months ago when he was appearing for charges of breaking into a motor vehicle and theft.

He lost his temper while the presiding Magistrate Gennai Jansen was looking in her diary to set trial dates for the case.

Mmipi whose bail application had been dismissed is said to have started talking loudly in Setswana and tried to leave the dock.

State prosecutor, Detective Superintendent Sergeant Marapo told the court that Mmipi went berserk when a police officer, Constable Eletsang stood up to move him back to the dock.

“The accused person then jumped over the rails of the dock. Two other police officers restrained the accused who was then shouting.

The accused took the water glass that was on the desk where the prosecutor Opelo Majoto was seated, and threw it to Magistrate Jansen,” he said.

The court heard that the glass missed the magistrate and bounced on the wooden paneling right behind her chair.

Amid the furore, shocked court officials are said to have looked on with disbelief as the magistrate ran for cover while police officers restrained Mmipi.

The shaken Magistrate Jansen then warned Mmipi that if he continued with his behavior he would be tried in his absence.

Mmipi was then led out of the courtroom as the proceedings were adjourned.

Mmipi who was given a six-month jail term is yet to be tried for charges of breaking into a motor vehicle and theft, an offence that he is alleged to have committed  in August 2009 with a friend at Magic King club in Gabane.

The two are said to have stolen property worth P5 825.

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