AMBITIOUS: Gokganwang

He joined Hifi Corp in 2010 but early this year he left for greener pastures. When the store revamped recently he went back to head it as the branch manager.

He is charged with giving customers a world class shopping experience that the new set up promises. Archie Mokoka caught up with the ambitious manager to find out how he plans to do that.

Q. Tell me about yourself
I am Kagiso Gokganwang, 36 and I am a single father of three. Though I’m single I’m not available because I am going to be married soon.

Q. What do you do as Branch Manager?
We deal in electronics in a fast paced and very demanding environment and my job is to oversee all operations of the store. I do that with the help of my Assistant Branch Manager and  three line managers; Sales Manager, Service Manager and Administration Manager.
You could say I look at the dashboard of the store.
I also work hand in hand with head office on issues of stock management, staff development, business development as well as marketing and advertising.

Q. How long have you been Branch Manager?
When the revamped store reopened doors for shoppers on the first of this month it was my first day but I was not new to Hifi Corp.
I first joined Hifi in July 2010 but early this year; 10 months ago I left to join Afrox as Sales Manager but I was called back to come and head the store.

Q. What are your qualifications?
I have a Higher National Diploma from the Institute of Commercial Management.
I got this through a local institution but it is accredited in the United Kingdom. I also studied Marketing and Communication at Westminster Kingsway College in London and got membership to the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
While working for the Caribbean Educational Camp I did Online Marketing at Sunny Group of Companies in Trinidad. That was actually my first job.

Q. I was about to get into that actually. When did you start working?
I started working in 1999 as a training manager for the company I just mentioned.
I was with them until 2003 when I joined Kings Casino as Marketing Manager. After a year I started working for PG Industries(PG Timbers) as Branch Controller until 2008. Next was Timber City where I was from 2009 to 2010 when I joined Hifi.

Q. I know it’s not even a month since you took up this job, but how is it going?
It’s perfect, after all I’ve been here before. I’ve only been away for ten months.

Q. Is there anything you learnt while away that you feel will be useful?
Nothing that I can use now, but since I was in relationship management it will come in handy when looking into corporate sales.

Q. Ok. Otherwise, where are you taking the store?
In view of this splendid revamp to bring the store to world class level the idea is to give customers a world class shopping experience and maintain this momentum. We have gone all out with this thing as you can see the displays are world class.
There is no other store like Hifi Corp in Botswana.
Gamers can also test our games in the store before buying.

Q. What challenges do you face?
Since we sell very expensive products that are in demand we are troubled by crime especially fraud. We have also noticed that demand is forever growing to levels exceeding supply.

Q. And how do you deal with that?
We have strict internal controls and that together with regular audits help us see what’s going on. Because of our audit trails we are even able to assist authorities with info to help with investigations.
In terms of demand we always plan in advance for peak hours. Some of the measures we employ to deal with demand is hire temporary staff to complement the 77 full time staff. So far we have 11 casual employees to help until the end of January

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years?
No one can predict the future, but we all have ambitions. So I see myself at regional level in this company as Hifi continues to grow. This year we opened another branch in Zambia. All I have to do is keep my performance at peak and do continuous personal development.

Q. How do you unwind? Do you play golf?
I’m a simple ordinary guy. I love movies, hanging out with friends, listening to music and reading.  I also like to stay in touch with global issues like the Euro zone crisis, media ethics enquiry and the banking scandals.I also work out to stay fit and healthy.

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