BLAMED: Kgalejwe

Deliberations at the Francistown City Council came to a stand still on Tuesday as some councillors threw tantrums and accused Mayor James Kgalajwe of dictatorship.

Fuming with rage, Cllr Ignatius Moswaane, dismissed minutes and matters arising which they had been given saying they did not capture most of the issues raised by the councillors during the previous full council meeting.

“This document is not an action sheet because it does not have the motions we raised in the last meeting and it won’t help us in any way.

This council will not entertain dictatorship and won’t allow someone to bulldoze us for no good reason,” said Moswaane calling upon fellow councillors to reject the bogus action sheet.

Throwing tantrums at Kgalajwe who is a fellow Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) member, Moswaane said councillors should not just sit and watch while the new mayor tries to run the council as a personal business.

He said councillors should bear in mind that they were elected to serve the interest of the public not personal interests.

Sharing Moswaane’s sentiments, specially elected councillor Ford Moiteela, advised the mayor not to oppress councillors since they are meant to deliberate on issues concerning members of the public who voted them into power.

“Let’s just have some direction and stop oppressing each other because we are here to deliberate issues of public concern,” he said.

Former Mayor Billy Buti however suggested that the disputed action sheet be deferred to a later date so that it does not delay council proceedings Kgalajwe however ignored Moswaane and other councillors’ concern telling them not to disturb council proceedings.

“Please keep quiet and sit down,” said the seemingly embarrassed Kgalajwe who was recently elected as the mayor of Francistown after a motion of no confidence was passed against former mayor Ephraim Maiketso.

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