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Real lives story of 16 –year- old boarding student who attempted commit suicide sparks a discussion on our website as readers debate the issue of responsibility.

Sasloo: You want answers from teachers? As a parent you must be your child’s friend and she must be able to communicate with you before anyone. You first not the teachers. It is crazy how most people put all their responsibilities on teachers nowadays. The biggest teacher is the parent. Now mummy cares more by accusing other people. Do your job as a mother. Child bearing and raising is God’s work, a very tough job that can better be done by you, if you gave her little time.

Sebi to Sasloo: I think you didn’t understand at all what that story was about. You are busy bitterly defending the teachers and blaming the mum. No need to be bitter. This girl is at boarding school and the same teachers you are defending were denying her contact with her mum by threatening to expel her if she even tried.

Total to Sasloo: I don’t know how your limited theory on parents’ responsibility plays out in such a scenario when the daughter is at a boarding school. It is fairly easy to point fingers at other people when you fail to do your school work and accuse them of witchcraft. It is fairly easy and grossly unfair. And if the arbitrators –teachers- are limited in scope like Sasool then we have a keg of disaster. I am glad they are sending more teachers for further education maybe that quest will save our children.


Chadibe lad’s claim that he is the president’s son rouses humour as other readers claim their own dads also.

Mashy Rams: The desperation is high nowadays, I might as well claim that Dada is my dad.

Keith Khumalo: Go ahead Mashy, what shall we do?

Eugene Tshenyego: Ok, my dad is Zuma *death*

Khutsafalo Mosarwa: (laughing) I guess my dad is Barack, and I am from Kenya.

Priscilla: I will also have to claim Denzel Washington to be my dad!


“If you were able to read the recent Afrobarometer ratings, you would note that more than three quarters of Batswana are pleased with the way the President and his government are running the country.

His popularity has soared and continues to do so. That can’t be by chance!

People, President Kham has inherited unchecked corruption that has been going on for years.

He has allowed the DCEC to fulfil its mandate. Given the state of affairs globally, it is obvious that Botswana’s performance has been recognised internationally as being on track. Yes we do not deny that we have corruption and it seems to be rearing its ugly head in recent times.

Surprisingly, when corrupt practices were exposed by the DCEC, very few people including the press corps acknowledged or attributed President Khama for having kept his word that he would root out corruption.

With the continuous smear campaign against the President, one can only see it as a ploy to distract attention from reporting on what the President is doing to weed out corruption.

It is true Botswana is internationally ranked as having one of the lowest corruption rates in Africa but that is because we are trying to do something about it every day. “

Winnie Sanderson via Facebook.

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