CHILLING’ OUT 30.11.12


SOME of our artists are a shame and can embarrass themselves in the name of entertainment.

Recently in Maun, Mosako who was on tour with Yarona Fm and ATI got it all wrong.


With ladies screaming on top of their voices, he decided to go topless, a thing which left half of his back cleavage out for all to see as he did not have any underwear.

The Onketsang hitmaker did not even bother to cover up and that made Shaya leave the stage without taking many pictures because it is not cool for him as a straight gentleman to stare at another man’s butt.

Advice to all artists who like to undress on stage, wear something underneath, cheap boxer-shorts from the Chinese will save you from that humiliation.




THIS is totally unheard off, how does Botswana Police Commissioner, Keabetswe Makgophe let such a thing happen.

Ok, maybe I am being unfair to the top cop by blaming him since he’s never on patrol but surely his officers must make sure they do everything in their powers to protect the image of the police force.

Shaya was shocked over the weekend to see this vehicle cruising on Gaborone roads.

Although the new owner of the car tried to put some graffiti on the vehicle the police branding is very crystal clear for all to see and as far as I am concerned this does not do well for the image of the uniformed force.

Rre Makgophe, I hope by the time you read The Voice this car would be having a completely different look and please do check to be sure.

And again please tell your boys to remove police branding before they dispose of their cars to members of the public, that’s not too much to ask for, is it?



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