CONVINCED: Thabologo MUM: Shathiso

A Chadibe man shocked his mum when he disowned his biological father and insisted that the President was his real dad.

24-year-old Thabologo Sam repeated his claim earlier this week when he walked into The Voice offices in Francistown, but when contacted for a comment his mother dismissed her son’s bizarre claim as ‘madness.’

Mum Shathiso Sam who has never even seen the Head of State in person let alone been impregnated by him said:  “The boy is just obsessed with the President and can even beat you when you say anything negative about him. He just came out with the idea earlier this year when he produced President Khama’s photo and said the man was his real father.”

The mother of four added that when she asked her son what he meant he just went berserk, and as way of cooling him down she agreed that he was indeed the child of the President. “He loves the President so much that he becomes very angry when seeing any cartoon or anything which paints Khama in negative colours.

“But what worries me is that my son now sleeps outside the house saying that his father will be coming to build a better place for him.”

Although her son does not have any medical record, Shathiso is convinced that he has mental problems. The woman said when investigating her son’s condition some people told her that it was common for mentally disturbed people to associate themselves with rich and famous personalities.

“His real father is married to another woman and works at Sua Town,” she said explaining that she was now planning to take her son for a psychiatric examination,

Reasserting his claim Sam told reporters: “I am President Khama’s son, even my mother knows that. Don’t I look like the President?” He asked, although admitting that he had never had the chance to meet and sit down with Khama.

He said that he had tried to visit him in Gaborone but security officers at the Office of the President turned him away.

“Just like any other person I love my father and wanted to meet him. I don’t want to claim any maintenance because I am a grown up who can take care of himself. All I need is for people to know that the President has a son who loves him so much,” he said.

Contacted for a comment, government spokesperson Jeff Ramsay said though not common, he would not rule out people going around claiming to be related to the head of state one way or the other.



24 Responses to “MAN CLAIMS TO BE KHAMA’S SON”

  1. Ricky 2012/11/26

    wel i guess he knws his reasons

  2. boselep 2012/11/26

    Ahhhh ke maiteko ago tshaba lehuma hela.. Lenna ha nkabo ke sotlega tota, nkabo kere Ian is my father, i swear!

  3. monarchwest 2012/11/26

    these are people the DIS could be taking care of thats total disrespect to our president

  4. who are we 2 judge?? The man stands his ground, he knows better :p

  5. batho 2012/11/26

    hee!wat if ele ngwana wa gagwe,haha

  6. thabsdk 2012/11/26

    Only our pres can prove that……..who are to judge

  7. boselep 2012/11/26

    Its not a matter of judging, mmaagwe le ene wa bua gore his son otlhapetswe. Le lona la bona hela from his eyes gore rre yo okokonelwa ke lehuma, and his looking for ways to find a better life. If he is Ian’s son then lenna ke ngwana waga Ian!!!

  8. Monna Kgosi 2012/11/26

    sengwe se teng, motho ga a kake a bua hela! i smell a rat!

  9. Sasloo 2012/11/26

    Stunt for handouts, ke lehuma o batla attention gongwe o batla ba agelwa ntlo..And it works Jeff Ramsay made a comment,he is never responded to anything so quickly as he did to this one..Be more crazy big guy go sleep in front of the state house, sengwe se tla tswa..lol.

  10. spinach 2012/11/26

    Do u mean gore our president ke ene RraThabologo? Nna ga ke dumele. Kuane mme ke yone but nko tsele ga se tsa bogosi jwa ga mmangwato. ke a gana ke a latola. ga se ngwana wa yone

  11. kelz 2012/11/26

    kuane e ka nna yone. thats what we do gore o leke go bontsha batho gore le a tshwana, ke gore o tla leka le go apara jaaka ene!!!!!! but sometimes we dont need to judge , dilo di a diragala, ba teng ba bangwe ba re sa ba itsen go ne ha.

  12. blumara 2012/11/26

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahhahahhahah……………cant stop laughing

  13. etjwa rumela 2012/11/27

    ish kgang ye hase gore hae ntshegise waaze ae he bilo bi rihegago

  14. maure 2012/11/27

    Oko le ithuten go respecta Taotona wa lona,gale sure ka story but le setse le bua ekete le itse modi wa kgan shuuu!

  15. maure 2012/11/27

    Oko le ithuten go respecta Tautona wa lona,gale sure ka story but le setse le bua ekete le itse modi wa kgan shuuu!

  16. aimz 2012/11/27


  17. yo ngwana go thailwe motse a seyo,a direlwe phekolo otla fola.ga o utlwe gotwe ogana ntlo o robala kwa ntle

  18. mexico 2012/11/28

    Kgosi keo batsadi lo seka lwa tsoga lo tsietsega…

  19. Mose 2012/11/30

    Sa gago bolwetsi mosimane ke wena!

  20. keditheo 2012/12/01

    Tlhogo ya monna matsatsa!!!

  21. Chris M 2012/12/01

    Huh? LOL!

  22. mhata 2012/12/06

    ga kena le haele kgang………..ke belaela e ngwe e sutlhile mo go thabologo MYBE O BATLA GONE GO THABOLOGA JAAKA LONE LEINA LA GAGWE….

  23. Carefokon 2012/12/11

    Chadibe man come out and speak out re sale re batla mojaboswa

  24. oeborupile 2012/12/19

    Ra Thabologo areng jaanong ene?does he deny or admit Thabologo’s allegations? gone mme y nw? I min he is 24 n only mentioning his dad nw?I smell the rat, Thabologo knws something, perhaps he is a relative to the Khamas, hu knws?

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