BOGUS: Pokano Gaethuse

He was a welder not a gynaecologist court hears

A man who falsely claimed to be a gynaecologist and intimately ‘examined’ three teenage women was in court last week charged with indecent assault.

34-year-old Pokano Gaethuse faces a further charge of impersonating a person in the public service after posing as a doctor in the gynaecology department of Letsholathebe II Memorial Hospital in Maun. He in fact works at the hospital as a welder.

Pokano Gaethse is said to have so impressed his girlfriend with his boast that he was a practising gynaecologist at Letsholathebe II Memorial Hospital, that she referred three of her friends to him for treatment.

The friends who had vaginal problems wanted a pap smear to be done, and he happily obliged even though he had no experience in the field.

Relating the story a source at the hospital that spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that Gaethse asked the young women to come straight to his office at the weekend.

He said that they should not bother registering or following the required procedure of weight and temperature takings.

The source said that he asked them to come over at the weekend because he knew that he was going to be alone since the regular doctors only work on weekdays in the gynaecology department.

At the hospital he is said to have undressed them and used a corrosive substance, which is not meant for the vagina, to clean them.

“They were very lucky because the substance is normally used as an industrial cleaner and is very dangerous.

It could have permanently damaged the girls’ private parts since when mixed with liquid it acts in the same way as super glue.”

As it was the treatment caused severe irritation and forced the girls to go back to the hospital where a real doctor consulted them.

The doctor is said to become suspicious over the way they had been treated and upon further investigation discovered that the person who had examined them was in fact Gaethuse.

The women believed that he was a gynaecologist because he was wearing a hospital coat.

Colleagues at the hospital where Gaethuse works as a welder, described him as ‘non corporative’ and someone who did not like taking orders.

“He is quiet and a bit of a loner, and can be rude at times. He is someone who likes to have his own way and maybe there is more to what he did than has been reported,” said one of his workmates who asked not to be named.

Meanwhile Hospital Superitandant at Letsholathebe, Dr Maxwell Mungisi described the incident as bad for their image.

“The accused person is tasked with fixing our equipment and he took patients to their office. I would like to advise patients to make sure that they get consulted at the Out Patients Department or Accident and Emergency Unit as per our procedure,” he added.

He declined to say more because the case was already before the court and could jeopardise the evidence. He however revealed that that they were in process of making sure all staff display nametags with duty titles.

Gaethuse will return to court for mention on 20 December.




  1. Mr welder, mending them girls :D

  2. pierre 2012/11/26

    This man should be thrown behind bars. You cannt play with peoples’ lives like that, especially with such sensitive parts!!!!!

  3. boselep 2012/11/26

    Hare ebile oa shenama!!!!!!

  4. kelz 2012/11/26

    ha gotwe re ye dikolong batho ba gana. the next thing they pose as dilo tse ba seng tsone.Nxaaa! le rona a ko re nne re ikgapha mo di short cutting. this is our life , DONT BE SHY TO IT. if its pepsmer just do it!!!! for your own health. o mmone tota B oa shenama!!!!!!!! nxa

  5. blumara 2012/11/26

    ao mr welider…..not welder….ne o batla go e bona ka matlho o mae.nxa wa tena o tla re bolaela bo sistere

  6. senegal 2012/11/27

    Pokano otla senyentsa batho aah””’

  7. fasa 2012/11/27

    hey guys open ur eyes plz. stop short cuts. up to now sm pple dont knw the procedures that are followed in a formal environment.

  8. aimz 2012/11/27

    he banna,a ngaka banna…hehehe

  9. le bone ke diso.mongwe le mongwe wa white coat ke ngaka.yerrrrrrrrrrr !

  10. blumara 2012/11/28

    ampore a ba thiba dibox

  11. Real Motswana 2012/11/28

    Botlhodi jwa nta ya tlhogo, wena o tshwanetse wa kgwathisiwa mo go tseneletseng pele ba go is a kgolegelong!!Wena Pokano o ya poka waitsi!!!

  12. Faniloh Desmond Magezi 2012/11/28

    Aaaah sumtyms ga ke itse go a bo go rileng fela mo bereseng ya mo2…. dilo tse dingwe di a fakgamatsa

  13. mexico 2012/11/28

    o pabala mdala o kgona go welder those parts…..

  14. rasslepe 2012/11/28

    banyana ba le bone masutlha go reng ne ba batla go okomelwa moeka wa tsala ya bone? le wena monna ponka ante gatwe o mang you are a fraud le certificate sa welding e ka tswa e se sa gago

  15. Puleg1 2012/11/29

    Ao ba2…………

  16. tboy 2012/11/29

    Hey..Poko,o ne a re o ja poko ya bo Specialists jaanong..di mo emetse jaanong.

  17. tipa11 2012/12/03

    At least o di bonye ka matlho.

  18. stacy 2012/12/04

    “They were very lucky because the substance is normally used as an industrial cleaner and is very dangerous.”

    This statement?! Hm-hm… It doesn’t sound right.

  19. mhata 2012/12/04

    Batho tlhe ba di dira

  20. mochben 2012/12/05


  21. boselep 2012/12/06

    Lea bona mathata a gonna di virgin, motho o helela a dira jaaka bo Pokano out of curiosity go bona gore e ntse jang.

  22. pepto machola 2012/12/07

    Mr Welder o weldela sengwe le sengwe

  23. kgotla 2012/12/10

    Mr Welder

  24. oeborupile 2012/12/19

    “”He said that they should not bother registering or following the required procedure of weight and temperature takings””.

    These ladies want to tell me thy dnt knw procedure ya consultation at the hospital?..????even if u r going for a routine checkup u need to take vital signs(BP,temperature,weight)

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