A Tati-siding woman on Monday told a Francistown court how she begged an axe wielding man to use a plastic bag for protection when raping her in March last year. 

The 44-year-old mother said Herbert Jazire, 23 from Zimbabwe ignored her request to at least utilise a plastic bag as a condom and went on to have unprotected sex with her after robbing her of two cell-phones.

She also alleged that the accused man attacked her with an axe before the rape.

Identifying his attacker with a big cut under the left eye, the woman said the accused Jazire hit her with an axe on the thighs and arms before ripping off her under pants and raped her as she screamed for help at her Tati-siding field. She revealed that the accused just appeared from nowhere while she was chatting with someone over the phone and attacked her.

“He demanded some money and when I explained that I had no money he took my phones. After the robbery he attacked me with an axe and unceremoniously unzipped his trousers, dragged me with my legs and ripped off my under pants. Although I begged him to at least use a discarded plastic bag for protection, he refused and just raped me without protection as I screamed for help,” the woman told court.

She said Jarize later took to his heels until she met him during a police identification parade sometime early this year.

Also in court were her neighbor’s children aged 8 and 13 who were in the same field and they testified that they did witness the robbery and the rape.  They revealed that they could identify Jarize with his cut since he approached them first before proceeding to attack his victim.

Meanwhile the accused flatly dismissed the charges putting up a defense that he was in Zimbabwe during the time the complainant was attacked. He was remanded behind bars until the 5thDecember when would give his side of the story pertaining the crimes laid against him.

Magistrate Thebeetsile Molalu presided over the case while Mabodise from the DPP prosecuted.

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