On Monday November 5, 2012 the committee organizing the petition to the Minister of Lands and Housing Lebonaamang Mokalake hand delivered a letter requesting an appointment with the Minister to hand over the petition.

Our proposed date was Monday November 19, 2012. We did not receive any acknowledgement of receipt of our letter until this morning, November 19th when we received the following response from the minister’s office.

“It is with regret to apprise you that the Minister will not be available on the date that you are proposing. Given his tight schedule, it might be that he would not be available anytime soon. You are therefore advised to keep on checking us after the 5th December 2012 for a possible meeting day if you insist that he is the only one who can receive it on behalf of the Ministry.”

We are disappointed that the minister cannot find time to receive our petition. We feel that the minister does not take the plight of Batswana and our right to petition him seriously.

We are extremely disappointed with the non-committal tone in the minister’s response and the apathetic way with which his office handled our request.

Considering the gravity of the issue in question we had expected a more serious approach by him and his office.

Although we appreciate the demands of his office we find it disappointing that he could not commit time to address an issue that is at the crux of his portfolio. We are aware that the Minister met with the BDP Youth to discuss this petition at a day’s notice.

We would like the Minister to accord our petition the same urgency.

We know that the Minister has a diary and he might be busy, but we find it as a demonstration of lack of commitment from the minister’s office to tell us to “Keep on checking us after December 5th”.

A more responsible response would have been to look into the minister’s diary and suggest a date after December 5th.

We would like to assure the thousands of Batswana who have shown support for this petition that their signatures would not go to waste.

We intend to deliver the petition to the minister as soon as possible.

We will write to the minister again, requesting a firm date after the 5th of December, failing which we will take the issue up with His Excellency the President.

We Will Keep Soldiering On Because We Believe Together We Can Do This!!

 ~ Motlhaleemang Moalosi

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