INDICTED: Zikhali (L), DUPED: Madijanjove (R)

A fake traditional doctor cum prophet was on Wednesday slapped with a 12 year jail sentence after he was found guilty of obtaining by false pretence P740 from two women who had sought his services.

Giving evidence at Mogoditshane Customary, one of the victims, 26 year old Mandy Madijanjove from Zimbabwe spoke of how his fellow country man Michael Zikhali, 39 tried to siphon as much money as he could by claiming that he has to be paid in order to destroy evil spirits and creatures which were causing her persistent headache and preventing her from getting married.

Madijanjove said the man came to their yard in Mogoditshane recently looking for one of the complainants, Fortunate Phillip who was said to be suffering from cancer.

“As he waited for Phillip who was not home at the time, we started chatting and he told me that he was a traditional doctor and prophet who had just returned from Chivu, Zimbabwe where he had gone to assist people. I then told him that I was suffering from a persistent headache which started 12 years ago. He in turn said we should get into the house where he prayed for me. After that he demanded P20 consultation fee and said he would come back the following day,’’ she said.

EXHIBIT: The tortoise

The prayer then marked the beginning of intense healing and praying as on the third day, while praying Zikhali grabbed Madijanjobe by the neck saying he wants to remove an evil creature which was cast on her body.

“The grabbing caught me by surprise as I was nearly choked but that did not stop me from realising that the alleged creature, a small tortoise with human hair on its shell actually fell from his pocket. In fact I was already suspicions because of the way he was demanding money and the fact the headache did not stop despite assurances that it will stop,’’ she said.

Another state witness, Phillip, 36 revealed how she used to undress as per Zikhali’s instruction as he bathed her to remove evil spirits.

“He would bath me using water with salt and at one time he was scooping the water with an ostrich egg shell. Everytime he bathed me he would ask me to turn around as he removed strange things on my back which included animal hide with colorful beads.

“He then told me that those things were the main sources of my problems and for him to kill them so that I can become successful both financially and socially I would have to pay P3000.00. Fortunately for me I did not have the money that he wanted even though I paid a few Pulas.

Phillip said like her friend, she became more suspicious when Zikhali claimed to have removed a live snake.

“He removed all those things on my back so I guess he would just remove them from his pocket. It was when I was talking to my friends in the same neighbourhood telling them of the things that had been removed from me that we discovered that same things had also been removed from then even though we had very different problems.

They then reported Zikhali leading to his arrest. Even though he pleaded not guilty to the charge, Kgosi Alfred Dihutso found the evidence overwhelming and thus sentenced him to 12 years in prison saying the sentence was also meant to warn other fake traditional doctors who seem to be on the increase.

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