The National Spokesperson for Botswana Movement for Democracy, Rasina Winfred Rasina has resigned from the position.

RESIGNED: Rasina Winfred Rasina

Rasina confirmed the resignation on Wednesday evening in a brief interview.

He did not give reasons for resignation but only stated that he just had to.

“I have done my part as spokesperson. I am just giving others a chance to contribute and build the party. I had to let go. I reached that point where it was and remains only sensible and ideal to be ordinary, “ he further responded.

Meanwhile Rasina also withdrew from an international trip where he was to represent BMD.

According to an inside source, Rasina was to be part of the delegation that was to attend the Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Congress in South Africa over the weekend

“I withdrew from the trip because I was no longer the spokesperson of BMD. Like I said, I am only an ordinary member,” Rasina confirmed.

Quashing allegations that he intends resigning from the party as well to rejoin the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, Rasina stated that the resignation was not an easy thing to do.

“It was not an easy decision for me, but I had to do it, but I remain a life founding member of BMD,” he said.

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