BLAMED: Pilato

A 26-year-old Francistown man has been charged for allegedly subjecting the mother of his two minor children to a brutal and prolonged sex attack.

Samson Pilato of Gerald Estates location in Francistown lured his alleged victim to his home in the same locality under the pretext that he wanted to give her relish for their children.

At the time of the incident, the victim who was staying with her parents had suggested to end their relationship because the accused person was not playing his role as a father.

On Wednesday morning, Francistown magistrates’ court was told of how on October 8 last year Pilato held captive the mother of her children from 10pm till 8am the following during which he stabbed and raped her three times

Narrating the shocking story in graphic details, the complainant told the court the she met the father of her two children on her way from a party in the location. He asked her to accompany him to his place to collect relish for the children but that was never to be when they arrived at his place.

She told court that Pilato accused her of having an affair, being pompous and enhancing her beauty by putting on anice hairpiece.

Wielding a double-edged knife the complainant said the accused person threatened to kill her and then commit suicide.

“He then forced me to admit that I was from having sexual intercourse with a certain Khumo at a nearby bush in the location. After that, he tore my clothes using the knife until I was left stark naked,” she said.

After tearing the clothes, the accused person allegedly forced the complainant to lie facing upwards and stabbed her several times on the thighs.

After that Pilato undressed himself and inserted his erect penis into her vagina.

“He did not care about the blood that was gushing from the stab wounds. During that particular night, we had two strong and long rounds. He had initially put on a condom but he later removed it,” she said.

The following day he again forced her to have sexual intercourse with him around 8am after which he released her.

After gaining her freedom the victim rushed home and related the story to her mother who then advised her to report the matter to the police leading to Pilato’s arrest.

In cross-examination, Pilato admitted meeting and having sexual intercourse with the complainant. However, he insisted that the sexual act was consensual since the complainant is the mother to his children.

The case continues.

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