“Don’t you see I am drunk, you want me to get bumped by cars,” was the last thing The Voice expected to hear aboard a combi as it passed by BBS Mall on a Thursday morning.

A middle aged man managed to shout those words in his drunken state to the combi driver who had asked him if he wanted a combi ride. Equally surprised, the combi driver and the conductor shared a conversation regarding alcohol.

Driver: Did you hear what this man was saying?

Conductor: No I didn’t, what did he say?

Driver: He is saying a lot of crazy things. He says ‘ don’t you see I am drunk, you want me to get run over by cars?’ It is 8 o’clock and he is already drunk.

Conductor: Ya, look at him, one small mistake and his family will be without a father. These cars will run him over if he is not careful.

Driver: Which responsible father is drunk by 8? This is really madness. If someone starts the day like this, what can we expect from them?

Conductor: No wonder the president is against alcohol so much. I am sure if he was to see this he would be ashamed for his nation.

Driver: That is why I agree with him on the alcohol levy. In fact he should increase it even more. 100% increase especially for Chibuku. We will see where such men will get the money to get drunk.

Conductor: They will take away their families’ bread money to finance their habits.

Driver: That would go to show how irresponsible they are. Starving your family for alcohol. Is that really worth it? I don’t see the point of this alcohol thing.

Conductor: It is cool, they say. They claim to be smart once they have their alcohol in the system.

Driver: But is that really smart though?

Conductor: To them it must be.

Driver: No man, that is just stupid. They gain nothing from alcohol but lose a lot: their money and their dignity. Just look at how alcohol has brought that man to an embarrassing low of being drunk at this time.

Conductor: Such is life chief. People get drunk all day long while we are ranking. They have money to spend. But some are just greedy and resort to drink their pals’ cash. On the weekend I passed by some spot to find Spiza and the others having rounds. They initially contributed towards seven cartons of Chibuku, when that finished they wanted to do it again but this time Spiza said he had no money and the other guys paid. When they were done Spiza revealed that he had P200 but the money was for buying his kids food.

Driver: So those fools spent their families’ cash while Spiza saved. He did them right, he is smart. We will see how those other guys will feed their children.

Conductor: They were angry at him for lying that he didn’t have money. He just brushed them off and went home with P200 in his pocket and beer in his system.

Driver: Good for him. I hope those guys learnt a lesson. You can’t go around drink your money when there are better things to do. That is really irresponsible.

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