FEEDBACK 23.11.12

Reader’s feedback

Revelations that another minister is set to be charged following investigations by anti corruption agency DCEC results in text messages spiralling in as readers cry of a corruption crisis.

“Corruption is one of the indicators that there is no corporate governance in managing the country’s resources. Believe it or not cases at hand on corruption will have short run consequences but in the long run we will be hit hard by an unending recession brewed by us not the Arab oil or tumbling of some world economies in Europe such as Greece. The government should take strict measures against those who are corrupt regardless of the magnitude of the act. It won’t be a surprise to find Botswana one day facing economic problems like Zimbabwe. Botswana should watch out.” Anonymous via SMS

“Khama should clean his government. How many more of his ministers are still going to appear in courts for corruption? What does that say to the international community? They will believe he is also corrupt. Our tax is enjoyed by few powerful corrupt individuals who claim to be patriots. One day Batswana will come to their senses and cause havoc. What irks the most is that the corruption cases end without justice prevailing.” McDenn via SMS

Justice denied, readers think, as HIV + man gets 12 years behind bars for raping and infecting his two stepdaughters.

HIV positive man raping stepdaughters is disgusting and the sentence of 12yrs imprisonment, disappointing. That is not justice when taking into consideration the years he spent doing this crime. I would not bare such pain, no wonder people take murder and suicide as their comfort. Lebogang Kgwedi via SMS

 “Really this is saddening, how can a monster like that be given 12 years? You might even find that he raped the neighbours too. Children should be taught about handling such situations, for example shouting for help when confronted and reporting after it happens. When I was 16 and alone with my uncle he proposed that I sleep with him, and I ran for dear life and hide in the bushes. Had I not, he would had raped me and threatened me against reporting. And even if I had reported the family would had said I was crazy. He is now late and I am now 18, I just kept quite.” Anonymous via SMS

“This man deserves to rot in jail. What is going to happen to these girls now?  I hope with God’s love and support they manage to cope. I believe parents, more especially mothers, should be as close as possible to their children so that in times of trouble they have someone to talk to.” Lucy Mbasa via SMS


Readers pay tribute to heroic conductor in Maun who took a life-saving plunge to save a nine year old boy from drowning.

Macdonald Maburu Rankgawana: God bless you sir. I wish all conductors could be like you. Or maybe you should open a school for conductors.

Oarabile Mothi: A combi conductor once saved a man who was suffering from fits. He opted to carry that man whilst everyone just stood watching without even helping. He carried that man with blood all over his body. I salute conductors.

Mahindra Nikkie Kgati: We have heroes in our land. God granted you many more days so that you can prosper.

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