FED UP: Chillyboy Rakgare

McDonald Chillyboy Rakgare has resigned from the ruling Botswana Democratic.

Rakgare who was recently suspended from the party for 60 days pending hearing over the comments he made on facebook about President Khama’s leadership resigned last week Thursday.

“I heard that the disciplinary committee had already taken a common position that they wanted to expel me from the party, so I decided to quit,” Rakgare explained in a recent interview.

Rakgare was suspended following a recommendation by the current BDP youth leader, Andy Boatile who wrote to President Khama to expel Rakgare.

In fact Boatile was quoted in a local media where he said he wanted to get rid of Rakgare in two weeks time and indeed within the two weeks, Rakgare had resigned.

Some of the misconduct that Rakgare was alleged to have undertaken was criticising the appointment of Tshekedi Khama, President Khama’s younger brother to cabinet on the social network called facebook.

In the same comment Rakgare had suggested that Khama should fire some of his cabinet Ministers who have been implicated in corruption deeds, including his Cousin, Ramadeluka Seretse who is the current Minister of Defence, Security and Justice.

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