FOUNDER: Rammidi

The 6th Women Leadership Conference Botswana (WLCB) will be held on Monday next week at the Phakalane Golf Resort under the theme “Passion and Purpose – our journey towards 2016 and beyond”.

WLCB was founded in 2007 by Ouma Rammidi as a platform where women from all backgrounds, culture and ages meet to network and find support and hope in one another as they become stronger leaders in their families, churches, communities and businesses.

Educating, inspiring, empowering women and be the destination for the world’s greatest voices, hearts and minds. “The conference offer diversity, state of the art leadership development and valuable business connections and provides an opportunity for women leaders to connect and mentor ordinary Batswana women.

Apart from the inspiring, motivating and life changing topic, Rammidi said this year visionary Batswana Women such as Dr. Doreen Ramogola-Masire – Gynaecologist, Joy Setshedi – International Philanthropist and Futhi Mononi-Morupisi – reputable Entreprenuer will be honoured.. “During the day, there will also be stalls exclusively for women owned businesses to showcase their products and services.

The ticket for the conference is P400.00 including meals and P300.00 will get you a stall,” Rammidi  said.

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