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3 Responses to “PROMISES, PROMISES”

  1. Pepere 2012/11/20

    Waitse Legodu leo letshwanetse go go duela amme retshwanetse gotshaba batho ga a buse madi a ngwana, Waitse lefatshe le fedile rona ra batlhoka ba mohuta oo mr thats a big lose to u……….

  2. batho 2012/11/23

    naare goo mo go iregile kana ke story hela, kana lona batho ba the V.

  3. bella 2012/11/29

    I want to say ‘watch your front’ because it is the people who hug and kiss you whose cuts go deep when they decide that the purpose of your life in theirs is over. go bothoko jang.

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