Two friends in a hair salon are talking about the heartaches of staying with siblings and how their unbecoming behavior can jeopardize family relations and strain the relationship between husband and wife.

Lace blouse: Home girl today the unbelievable happened I have never felt so ashamed and embarrassed in my life. And I am still asking myself so many questions.

Black T-shirt: Tswa katsone tsala (Say it out friend) pushing herself to the edge of the chair.

Lace blouse: This morning I was complaining to honey, about how wasteful people with toilet paper. How they unroll more than they need, only to stuff the excess in the centre of the roll.

Black T- Shirt: Heela wena (Hey you)  You have time to waste, have you run out of things to complain about. How can you go on about TP!

Lace  Blouse: Just wait my dear and hear what happened next.  As I was complaining I was pulling some TP which was stuffed in the middle of the roll and to my disgust the toilet paper had been used!

Black T shirt: What do you mean used? Someone had wiped their bottom and pushed  it back into the centre of the roll?  Sisi! (Pulling  a face).

Lace Blouse:  It had used condoms! As I continued opening it  two torn condom wrappings fell on my laps.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing I thought I was dreaming.  My man and I don’t keep condoms in the house, so I began to wonder where they had come from and whose they were?

Black T-  Shirt: Yuck , What filth! And what did your man say?

Lace Blouse : I began to feel beads of sweat forming on my face early in the morning.  They weren’t his ,he had just arrived last night from a trip!  He just looked at me and wanted answers mma.

Red Dress:  Yho! If it was me I would have wet my pants darling. That’s the last thing one needs when a man has been away from home.

Lace Blouse: Mma you can say  that again. In anger I called my young brother who lives with me and asked him if he knew about the dirt in my bathroom. In shame he snatched  the used toilet paper and disappeared into the toilet.

Black  T-shirt: heh! Were they his?

Lace  Blouse: Imagine! How disrespectful of him to  take a girl and have sex with her in my bedroom, on my bed!  Each time I think of it I get so angry!

Red Dress: (Interjects )that’s a disaster dear. Your reputation and dignity have been destroyed. If it was my man he would insist that the condoms were mine and I was lying and using the small boy to cover up.

Your man will begin not to trust you. He probably thinks those are the games you and your young brother play when he is not around.

Black T-shirt: Mhmmm, that’s true, but girlfriend you shouldn’t be so harsh on the young man. Maybe  he was  caught off guard, in a fix and he had to relieve himself (sheepishly).

Lace Blouse: I won’t buy that excuse, one cannot become a horny bull and use my bed; the one honey and me sleep on. That’s a total lack of respect.  So it means each time he saw  me and my husband closed in our bedroom,  he would  wonder what we are up to.

Black T-shirt: (Laughs)  Be happy that your brother is a real man able to  take on a woman and sexually satisfy her not once but twice!

Red Dress: At least he thought of using a condom and instead of plunging in without protection. He showed a sense of responsibility. But he should have gone into his room and hammered his catch there instead of using his sister’s bedroom.

Lace Blouse:  At least my sister, you have a point. He should have used the  kitchen where he sleeps and had his two rounds there.

(Other patrons in the salon burst into laughter)

Black T-shirt: Aah! which girl would agree to be done on the kitchen floor? To  bruise their knees and back in the process.  Two rounds !! your brother is very greedy for his age tsala (friend) giggles.

Lace Blouse:  Wena kana(you also)  You are a mad woman. This evening when I get home I am sending him packing , back to his mother. I can’t  stay with someone who does not respect me or my bedroom. Let him do that at his mother’s house.

Black T- Shirt: That’s what all these youngsters do when their parents or guardians are away; they like to take chances.

Lace Blouse: Aish!  I stayed with my sister for many years before I started working but never did I think of bringing any of my many boyfriends in to the house. We did our things elsewhere.  What makes me so mad is that the lady my brother was romping on my bed with is a big butted mother of two. Aish she has a big behind! (throws her hands behind to show how big the lady’s bottom is).

Red Dress: Oh oh! Does your brother work? Maybe he is loaded and that could be the reason why the big mama won’t leave the young man alone.

Lace  Blouse: Working?  He will be starting his first job next week, otherwise I have been putting clothes on his back, starting from the  boxers  he has on, to the roll on, I am the one who buys for him.

Black T- shirt: Cool down my friend, don’t get yourself so upset. At least it’s your younger brother. Some of us have caught our maids romping with their boyfriends in our bedrooms  after cooking  for him the heaviest meal in my kitchen with my food.

Lace Blouse: I don’t know  but I need to sort this mess somehow.

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