ALDO, the celebrated Canadian fashion footwear and accessory brand, is set to open its first retail store in Botswana.

Originating in 1972, the brand will expand its presence in Africa by opening a store at Game City in Gaborone this month.

The lifestyle brand designed with male and female trend-setters in mind, ALDO is one of many international brands rapidly expanding across the African continent.

ALDO’s growth forms part of the House of Busby’s retail footprint expansion strategy in Africa. Selected for its high demand for ALDO product, Botswana and its customer base are comparable with South Africa, where the brand continues to perform exceptionally well.

Botswana locals, many of whom have travelled extensively, have come to know and aspire to the ALDO brand, ensuring its presence will be successful.

The ALDO store in Gaborone will stock the entire ALDO product offering. Local customers will have access to the identical range of heels, flats, boots, bags, handbags and accessories as stocked in the South African stores.

A brand that is both aspirational and accessible, ALDO consistently offers its customers key fashion pieces at affordable prices.

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