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Member of Parliament (MP) for Ngami, Taolo Habano this week told Parliament that the people of Sexaxa settlement in Maun were forcibly moved out of fertile land to create more space for wild animals.

Habano a Member of Botswana Congress Party, said this when commenting on the recent state of the nation address by the state President, Seretse Khama Ian Khama.

“We should not reserve all the fertile land for wild animals as you did in places like Sexaxa when you moved people from the fertile land to give space to wild animals. Allow the people to plough in these fertile lands,” Habano pointed out.

He was adding on to comments made earlier by Maun East MP, Frank Ramsden of the ruling party who had told Parliament that the people of Sexaxa were rendered homeless when the Tawana Land Board demolished their houses recently.

“These people would stay under trees until they die,” Ramsden pointed out.

His contention was that by demolishing the Sexaxa Squatters the already poor community was left helpless and worse off.

In fact he said many of the Sexaxa inhabitants has moved further into the lands and continue to leave under trees.

Ramsden further stated that it was close to impossible for these people to leave a dignified life, which President Khama is advocating for in one of his key “Ds.”

He even wondered whether these disadvantaged group qualified to be built houses under the Presidential housing scheme since the North West District Council recognizes it as an extension area for Maun.

Meanwhile the Minister of Presidential affairs, Mokwwetsi Masisi revealed that 501 houses valued at P42 585 000,00 have been pledged but only P1 569 964,64 has already been paid up.

Nine houses in the Maun Administration Authority have been pledged under this scheme. One house has been completed in Maun and eight are under construction, three in Makalamabedi, two in Bodibeng and Kareng respectively, one in Phuduhudu and none in Sexaxa.

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