Manase-Ntau awaits outcome of fraud investigation


Gabz Fm CEO Joyce Manase Ntau, 37, was this week slapped with an indefinite suspension by the station’s new bosses.

Manase-Ntau, who has been at the helm of the radio station for the past three years, was relieved of her duties to pave way for investigations into a half a million pula accounting fraud that has apparently rocked Gabz FM in the past few months.

Sources within the Gabz FM said that an announcement of Manase Ntau’s suspension was made late Wednesday morning and by lunchtime she had already packed and vacated her office.

The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because their new employers, who recently acquired a 40% shareholding into the radio station, had instructed staff to keep the matter under wraps.

Reluctantly confirming her suspension in a telephone interview on Wednesday evening Manase Ntau, a Marketing MBA graduate and one of the few women to hold a top post in the media said: “ Yes I have been suspended but it is only procedure and I don’t take it personally.

My hands are clean, my heart is clean and I am glad that I have been removed from the office while investigations are carried out so that those who have any doubts about my integrity can be satisfied.”

At the centre of the fraud allegations that have landed the former Miss Botswana in hot soup is an accountant that was seconded to Gabz FM by a reputable accounting firm some time ago, whom sources with the station have revealed has been accused of transferring over P 500 000 from the company account into his personal account over the past six months. He is currently under police investigations.

“ The accountant was fired but Ntau as the woman who was at the top when the money went missing has to be answerable somehow.

It’s called responsibility and it comes with the territory of being a CEO,” another source said.

Gabz FM was expected to appoint an acting CEO by Thursday.

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