CHILLIN OUT 16.11.12

An impeccable source has told Yours truly that Cow Horn Productions who came up with the flick Bandleng and are currently conducting auditions for the much publicized Signed International have a big problem on their back.
Apparently there is another production company that is hell-bent on making sure that Signed International becomes a big failure.
Apparently the latter had a similar idea but on realizing that it would never work, they resorted to discrediting the former through print media and social networks.
“I’ts just sour grapes really.
I’m shocked because I know these guys to be professionals,” said Signed International Producer Johnson Otlaadisa.

Shakira has a song called ‘Underneath your clothes.’Well the woman pictured here is not related to that hot Colombian.
The lady in the pink towel was pictured in Old Naledi on Friday in full flight chasing after a suspected criminal.
It was the right thing to do for a law abiding citizen especially that there were a couple of others also giving chase, however Shaya was a bit disturbed by her dress code.
It seemed the lady in question had nothing on but a towel; in fact she still had her undergarments in her hands.
Be very vigilant lady, next time the criminal might just turn out to be that serial rapist police officers have been looking for.

Guys have you seen my little pinky?
I have been looking for it in all places and sadly I still have not found it.
I so want my little pinky that last week I flew to Maun after a tipoff from a close friend that my stuff was spotted somewhere in the area.

In September it was reported that Usher had ordered his ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond to move out of his Georgia home.
And it has now been reported that the singer has put the mansion back on the market for $3.2million.
Having served Tameka with her packing orders, the 34-year-old has put the 12,544-square-foot abode, which he initially bought for $3million in 2007, on sale with a slight increase.
The house which has 10-foot high ceiling is made up of six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.
Other features in the stunning home include an in-house gym, library, four fire places and an outdoor pool.
Following being awarded sole custody of their two children in August, Usher dealt Tameka  yet another blow.

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