HERO: Xhanekwe

A nine-year- old boy survived drowning on Monday afternoon after a mini bus conductor bravely jumped into the water to save him.

Kganetso Xhanekwe who is a conductor at Maun Route 9 told The Voice that while on his daily route, he saw a boy struggling to swim and nearly drowning in Thamalakane River.

“I asked the driver to stop our bus, I did not have time to undress but managed to take off my shoes and socks before jumping into the flowing river,” said the 25 year old conductor.

Xhanekwe said that he managed to uplift the boy and swam to the river bank in an effort to save him.

He said that because of the heavy flows he failed to reach the bank after swimming close to 50 metres and a white man who was passing by jumped in to help after seeing that he was struggling to make it through.

Though he risked his life as he is not a seasoned swimmer Xhanekwe feels hard done by the boy’s parents who never paid him a visit to thank him for saving their boy’s life.

“I even asked for a Water Affairs vehicle which was parked at the scene to take the boy to the hospital while people were watching without offering any help,” said the concerned hero.

Meanwhile Acting Station Commander Assistant Superitandant Zhabi Hulela confirmed that indeed there was a report of a standard four boy from Moremi Primary School who nearly lost his life at the river.

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