PUSHED: Seretse

Minister Seretse to be charged with corruption  as DCEC complete their investigations

In the midst of corruption scandals currently rocking the country it is alleged that another legislator will be slapped with corruption charges next week.

Set to face the music is the Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry Vincent Seretse, who is allegedly being pushed out of cabinet sources have revealed.

Seretse’s impending forced exit was allegedly discussed between the assistant minister and president Seretse Khama Ian Khama on Wednesday following allegations of corruption charges that hung like a dark cloud over the assistant minister’s head.

In the Wednesday meeting the President is reported to have advised the minister that it would be best if he were to voluntarily step down as soon as he is charged, inside sources further claimed.

The charges threatening to ruin Seretse’s political career allegedly emanate from corruption in the awarding of tenders at the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation during the construction of  the Trans Kalahari underground fibre telecommunications  project.

It has been revealed that Seretse who was the BTC CEO  at the time is not the only Botswana Democratic Party man that has had the multi million pula tender coming back to haunt him.

He is expected to face charges together with former BDP Youth League President Bontsi Monare. Both men were reported to have had business links to a company that was one of the main suppliers to BTC during the project.

The Directorate on Corruption and  Economic Crime have completed their long investigations on the matter and  by Tuesday the Directorate of Public Prosecutions are expected to have slapped Seretse with the  corruption charges it has been further revealed.

Asked on Wednesday evening to comment on the allegations that President Ian Khama met with Seretse and advised him to step down as soon as he is charged, Government spokesperson Jeff Ramsay said that it was too late for him to comment on the issue and offered to comment the following day, by which time the newspaper would have gone to press.

For his part Monare said he was not aware of the charges.  “I do not see any reason why I should be charged,” said the businessman and politician before hanging up the phone.

Meanwhile commenting on the many corruption scandals that seem to come tumbling out of ministers closets of late, Mike Dingake a retired politician, political commentator and newspaper columnist, said he was not surprised at the new developments that have tarnished the image of the country as a model of democracy with minimum corruption.

“We have never been different from other African countries. We have just been sophisticated in hiding our corruption and now we are being exposed. The media is doing a good job and parliament helps too.

People are getting fed up with corporate greed and they are beginning to speak up,” Dingake said.




  1. Mmuwa lebe 2012/11/17

    the seretse appointed Cabinet minister,alleged to conflict of intrest,in corruption charges at the end of the day dey always win its thier country so mo ga bo di court its waste of our tax cause at the end they win the judgemnt is alredy made…………what the space!

  2. phomphoko 2012/11/18

    waiiiiiiii agona mosola ka gore kgang ya teng ya go helela mo phehong waste of money and time

  3. boselep 2012/11/18

    This guy has money, he will just use it to bribe authorities to shut them up.. And as usual, kgang abo efelela mo phefong.. Um used to that now cz many more worse instance than this one have happened before. Nna ke bona a tsosetswa modumo hela.

  4. rouge 2012/11/19

    there he goes again Ramsay, koore this guy otle a bege eng hela when asked. why don management realis gore this guy is not workin at all.
    as for Seretse, yes he might jst by himslf out of this, but nnete yone re a be re e itse. all these things are goin to come bck to these pipo 1 day, o tla bona hela wena!

  5. Tafburg 2012/11/19

    maano gaa site wamma, dats a way of life, olwys lupholes sumwer…

  6. christos4111 2012/11/20

    what do they expect in a country where people do business by either buying something and then selling it again, or winning tenders in government, those who are in power use corrupt means to get rich, people who are rich don’t actually make anything, they don’t have big businesses or products or brands that they created to become rich!! people should stop corruption and try to be makers of things the same way people do in other countries!!!!

  7. boselep 2012/11/20

    Kante e eng the voice esa ntshe story sa the guy who raped and killed his girlfriend and after that abo a mo nwa madi? I saw the frightening pictures tsa teng mo facebook. Go lese go dirwa di headline ka batho baeleng gore dikgang tsa bone dia go felela mo phefong..

  8. boselep 2012/11/20

    Kante ke eng the voice esa ntshe story sa the guy who raped and killed his girlfriend and after that abo a mo nwa madi? The guy one a iteiwa ke ma security system in his house, I saw the frightening pictures tsa teng mo facebook. Go lese go dirwa di headline ka batho baeleng gore dikgang tsa bone dia go felela mo phefong..

  9. ditso 2012/11/24

    Waste of time.

  10. Ricky 2012/11/26

    owai..!! there w go again..!!!!!

  11. cheerful 2012/12/01

    The heading is a part of a song i Like!!!

    The whole african continent is FED UP with Corporate GREED by its PROMINENT PEOPLE – the big question if the findings are true will the person be convincted??? – NEVER not on the african continent especially when they are connected to the top

  12. massrespect 2012/12/19

    Well we all knw d truth anyway.. But what.. Ds is Africa! Our leaders always get away wth their s**t! Waste of time and tax payers money. Ga gona case golo fa!!

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