NOT only does he have an eye for photography but Robson Butete, 43, is a skilled businessman running an ever expanding enterprise.

His love for Photography has put bread on his table for years and has opened up new doors for his business, Lindela Trading.

But in July this year Butete in a bid to diversify secured a franchise to supply breathalysers to the local market.

The gadgets, which range from the size of a public payphone to key rings test the amount of alcohol in one’s breath.

“Many organisations will fi nd these very useful to show they care for the community by giving away personal breathalysers as Christmas gifts to their customers,” says Butete pointing to an array of breath testing devices.

“These make perfect trendy gifts. Many organisations especially those engaged in wellness and fitness in the work place have shown interest in the devices.

In fact some have already purchased some to give away as gifts.” Butete established his company, which he co-owns with a partner, 17 years ago.

“When I started I  was doing forensic photographic supplies and training mainly for Botswana Police Service and supplying and maintaining camera equipment for BTV

“I have also done work for CEDA and NDB training and maintenance for the projects they fi nanced like King of Kings Photo Lab in Gantsi and Trio Consultants in Maun just to name a few.

I was also supplying portable printers to freelance events and passport photographers. “Lindela was also in distribution. We are the fi rst supplier of Super Milk from Zimbabwe way back in 2000.

This was however later taken over by CA Sales.

” The company also supplies and brands gifts, corporate wear and protective clothing and Butete says they provide after sale service and back up workshop for audio visual equipment.

“We also do household repairs for all household electrical appliances and are affiliated to big companies in South Africa who back us up.

” Enterprising Butete worked for Fuji as Support and Service Engineer looking after Botswana Police Service and Information Services in 1993.

Though he says his company is making inroads into the market Butete laments about the South African strike which he says is taking its toll on his supplies.

“Because of the strike, transportation is a problem that side.

” “The other problem is that SA companies want cash upfront and sometimes it is hard to fi nance jobs because banks are only helpful if you produce a GPO.

Some companies however give us deposit which makes it easier for us.

Butete says he wants to give back to the community by imparting some of his extensive knowledge in photography to the youth.

“I want to teach young people the basics, get them sponsors and maybe set them up to the point of a mini photo lab.

“I also intend to lend a helping hand to eff orts to bring awareness to Batswana on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Because we already sell and brand promotional gifts and drug testing equipment we can help intensify the marketing campaign by joining hands with other stakeholders like employers and schools as well as road safety campaigns and other campaigns such as domestic violence.

” Butete is part of the Curriculum Development Group working as part of the team developing a Photography curriculum for certificate and diploma to be implemented in technical colleges.

“My passion is photography and I want to make something extraordinary out of the ordinary while transforming lives in the process,” he said.

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