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Songstress plans another gig in Maun

Local jazz songbird Nnunu Ramogotsi of the Women of Jazz fame last Saturday put up an impressive show as she launched her debut album “Mmasonoko” at the Thapama Lodge in Francistown.

Nnunu who has been around the local jazz scene for more than ten years cut her teeth as a backing singer for some the country’s most celebrated musos notably Ndingo Johwa and Lister Boloseng.

The sexy lass had the crowd asking for more as she confidently strutted her stuff.  The crowd particularly loved the danceable “Tsie” a traditional composition which the artist has given an irresistible dance feel.

Voice entertainment spoke to a number of people at the show and they all said Nnunu’s performance was value for the P100 they paid for the show and congratulated Soares Katumbela for once again bringing a class act to his otherwise musically inactive hometown.

For her part Nnunu praised the audience for appreciating her work and said the reception she got has made the bond she has built with Francistown over the years stronger.

“I did not expect such a warm crowd. It compares very well with the one I got in Gaborone at the GICC at my first launch show. I have been to this town before as a backing artist for the likes of Ndingo and Lister Boleseng but I honestly did not expect such a warm crowd. I am very happy this town has accepted me and my music. I will be back soon,” a beaming Nnunu told Voice Entertainment after her show.

On another note Nnunu who thanked this publication for its support over the years intimated that she will be taking her show to Maun at the end of the month.

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