Top 5 Concerns Of the Nation according to readers.
In about 15 thousand words, President Khama on Monday painted a picture of the state  of the nation. A Voice Survey in turn made readers artists of their state of the nation picture via Facebook by asking them what they thought was the state of their nation. We tallied their varied responses and now we produce here the Top 5 concerns readers had regarding the nation.

Number 1: Youth Unemployment
Youth unemployment was the gloomy background to which 30 % of readers painted their state of the nation. “Jobs, jobs, and more jobs!
This past week was the worst at the Department of Transport as we were being assisted by one person because apparently there is a staff shortage.
This made me wonder how that could be the case when there are many graduates roaming in the streets jobless.
Come on Mr. President do something about this,” shared Lefha Mbedzi.

Number 2: Corruption and Malpractice
A present theme of concern reported was that of corruption and malpractice especially in Government organs.
This comes as no surprise given recent revelations by MP Robert Masitara into the corrupt practices and corporate greed by parastatals.
One reader, Bokamoso Kgosidialwa went a step further to suggest a way forward: “Mr. President should introduce the Minister of Service Delivery, and stamp this authority because since he took office corruption is still high.”

Number 3: Salaries and Allowances
Workers salaries and allowances filtered in the top three with readers asking government to cushion workers from escalating commodity prices.
A suggestion on salary redistribution was given by Refilwe Selwe when she remarked: “Salaries of Members of Parliament should be reduced and workers should get a pay hike.
Just think about the nurses, teachers, and old aged pensioners who are struggling to sustain their families.
I really wish our voices as Batswana would be heard and be taken into consideration.”

Number 4: Poverty Eradication Programme
Although many noted the Poverty Eradication programme was a step forward, they also had doubts about whether this step was in the right direction.
“Poverty eradication is a good initiative but it seems we are spending too much with less returns,” noted Stix Lvis.

Number 5: Alcohol Levy
The alcohol levy joined as a concern with readers demanding to know the purpose of the levy and its intended use and actual use.
In fact, one reader came close to calling the government hypocrites. Emmastos Ramorogo observed: “We are just being cheated.
Government is busy having cocktail dinners and yet they claim not to want alcohol.”


P530 million = Amount approved for Ipelegeng Programme this year.

48073 out of 50804 = Plots allocated compared to target for 2011/12.

1320 = Number of youth re-absorbed into school system

P202 million= money spent on Youth Development Fund projects since 2009.

28 000 = number of vehicles registered this year alone.


“(They have given) me a new broom to sweep, and in the process of sweeping obviously there is going to be dust and people are going to cough,” said Robert Masitara in exclusive interview about his bid to expose corruption and corporate greed.

Readers React:

Kerry Salim Ketumile: Spoken like a man, Mr.Robert. Keep sweeping and expose hidden parasites.

Tshepo Paledi: Masitara the man! Sweep on, mop hard, put floor wax, and place a scented air freshener. You are doing a good job. I just hope that they do not do something to tarnish your name.

Poloko Pee Mpuchane: You are doing a good job by exposing such things. The truth hurts but continue doing your job. We need leaders like you. God will bless you.

Krissie Ofentse: The problem is that he reports back to those who are coughing so no actions will be taken.

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