ON THE JOB: Our set at Tati River Lodge for the auditions of this TV Acting Competition

Auditions in F/Town and Maun

Auditions for the Signed International television shown to be broadcast on Botswana television are ongoing. The crew has already covered Gaborone, Lobatse, Serowe, Mahalapye, and will be in Francistown and Maun this weekend.

Aspiring actors and actresses have responded well as the search for the luckiest screen entertainer continues. Besides the attractive monetary reward the winner of the television show will have an opportunity to play a cameo role on Isidingo alongside Chris Beasley (Len Cooper). This is also expected to open further doors for the winner especially in the more competitive South African film industry.

Auditions will continue the following week in Gaborone for the second time and finally Kanye.  After that the short listed candidates should be ready to roll and turn into celebrities overnight.

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