BFA President wants better TV deal


Botswana Football Association President Tebogo Sebego has warned that he will not shy away from making unpopular decisions for as long as he believes they are for the general good of the sports. Sebego was responding to a question posed by Voice Sport about BFA’s position on television rights.

Sebego, whose association has terminated a contract won by RP Productions last season after the latter failed to pay the Premier League as stipulated in the contract resulting in the temporary suspension of the season, said he will do all in his power to make sure his association only gets the best deal.

“I know the television rights issue will upset a lot of people, but if a deal does not benefit the clubs in anyway then we are not going to sign it,” he said.

The former BFA Legal Advisor said in this era where television rights is a multimillion industry for football , it will be counterproductive for his association to go into deals that do not add any value to local football.

Sebego said it pains him to see football lovers celebrate meager sponsorship deals when he has always believed that football deserved more.

“It is a tough one, but if it means the league has to go on untelevised for sometime; then we have no choice but to look for a better deal,” said Sebego.

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