Tafic and Chiefs fan face off on allegations made against chiefs by owed traditional doctor

Dubani-wa- Dubani on Monday evening heard this conversation between two football fanatics at the Francistown Bus rank

Tafic Supporter: So the doctor has not placed his curse on your team yet?

Chiefs Supporter; He cannot do anything. Ours is a team of kings and no small time doctor can bewitch us. He will be messing around with Badimo Ba Bakgatla. You do not do that unless you want to die or live your life as an imbecile

Tafic Supporter:  I pity you because I think the courts will give him his money and after that he will send your Magosi to the fourth division.  Believe me after a few years your team will be insignificant and playing in the dust.

Chiefs Supporter:  No ways. We have got the money and the players my boy.  No traditional doctor can stop us. That we won our last game by three goals is  evidence that his threats have no bite.

Tafic Supporter: Do not be be so sure.  That may be your last win for a very long time.

Chiefs Supporter: (Laughing boastfully) We are a powerful club my man. We have the support of badimo. Why do you think it rained when G.U. was leading us in Molepolole?

Tafic Supporter: You are witches. Thats what you are. Baloi!

Chiefs Supporter: No. We are only using tradition. Your club officials should go to Mwali before the team gets relegated.

Tafic Supporter:  Now you are going too far. Please do not involve our gods in this. My team needs a few players and some money. Muti does not play football. If it did….

Chiefs Supporter: (Interrupting)  Yes it does not. Otherwise we wouldn’t be champions, Would we?

Tafic Supporter:  Next season you will have nothing to boast about if your officials do not pay the doctor’s bill. Trust me!

Chiefs Supporter: Stop wallowing in bitterness and tell your club officials to strengthen the team and the boys before it’s too late.

Tafic Supporter: We have no time to bathe  players in water that has  washed corpses in the mortuary or jumping over fires. One day a player will die from the foul liquids that the club officials make them drink. Then it will a police case and somebody will go to jail.

Chiefs Supporter: You will be in first division next season unless your club officials wake up to reality. Muti is part of football and you know it.

Tafic Supporter:  We are not going there. You will be relegated if your team officials do not pay the doctor.

Chiefs Supporter: We shall pay him. I am going now. There is the woman I have been waiting for.

Tafic Supporter: I hope you are not going to kill her to make muti for you cursed club.

Chiefs Supporter: (As he runs into the crowd to his lady) Go to hell with your team that will be eating dust next season

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