As the festive season fast encroaches, Dibete police have expressed concern over unclaimed property that is accumulating in their storage facilities at the station.

MOUNTING: Some of the loot

At least 200 cases of stolen property remain pending before the courts as police await owners to lay claims.

Superintendent Phineas Makwaeba of Sebele Police says some of the property has been at the station since last year.

“We are waiting for the courts to issue orders for the disposal of the property, but it takes some time because the hope is that the owners will come forth and identify their property.

Right now we’re running out of space because the four offices that we use as storage facilities are already fully packed and soon we won’t have anywhere to put the property.

I therefore wish to urge members of the public who lost their property to make arrangements with the police and bring proof of ownership to collect their property,” he said

Detective Superintendent Sergeant Marapo of No.3 District said the property is confiscated during regular stop-and-search operations that are conducted by the police.

“We mostly get the property from motorists who fail to account for it and sometimes we get tip-offs from our informers.

Most of the goods are stolen from Gaborone and surrounding areas and our investigations have established that most of them are transported to Zimbabwe and it is much easier for us to ambush the thieves at Dibete because they use the A1 highway.”

Marapo said thieves always find means to conceal their loot and that sometime they get away with it without the police noticing.

Last week, acting on a tip-off, Marapo says the police detained a bus driver after he was caught with a plasma television set concealed inside a table top. “Luckily someone informed us, otherwise we would not have noticed it.

We’ve since detained a 42-year old bus driver who is helping us with investigations.

Unfortunately no one has come forth to claim the property and we’re continuing with the investigations to establish the owner.”

Marapo said they have also discovered that medicines are stolen from hospitals and are transported in diesel containers and smuggled into Zimbabwe.

“We recently confiscated containers filled with bottles of cough syrup at a road block in Dibete and we realized that we had been ignoring such containers with the belief that they contained fuel,” he said.

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