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EXPOSED: Mmolawa and Matimba

Batswana students stranded in Ireland as bogus consultants pocket big bucks

At least six Batswana students were this week stranded in Ireland after they were cheated out of hundreds of thousands of pulas by fake consultants in a bogus scholarship scheme.

Shocking details of how the fly-by-night consultants managed to dupe the unsuspecting students out of their hard earned cash emerged in court last week when two young women who lost P118 000 between them in ‘school fees’ brought a case of obtaining by false pretences against the two con women.

The alleged fake consultants Leungo Mmolawa (37) and Mogolokwane Matimba (33) were granted bail on Tuesday but appeared in court again on Thursday for mention.

The victims, Lopang Molefe and Maureen Monageng, both aged 27, this week told of how their dreams of studying in Ireland suffered a huge blow after the directors of the Gaborone based Trillotech Travel Agency tricked them into parting with their money. The cheated women said they knew of at least six other students who were currently still stuck in Ireland.

Narrating the details of the drama that started in April this year, Molefe said when she first heard of the agency she did not suspect any foul play.

“I so much wanted to go to school that I sold my BMW to raise the required fees. I paid about P68 000 and the two women at the agency told me that the money would be enough to cover my flight ticket, course fee, pocket money, accommodation and insurance.

“They gave me a Master Card and told me that they would credit it with my living allowance. But when I got to the airport in Johannesburg I found that my tickets had not been paid for and I had to pay again.”

Upon arrival at Success College in Dublin, Molefe who was to study for a Diploma in Occupational Health, says she was welcomed by the principal but was later shocked when she found out that her permits had not been arranged. “When I arrived at the school I was not given my documents and for some days I was sent from pillar to post. I was supposed to have sorted out my visa within three weeks but I was fast running out of time. When I called the agency in Botswana they promised to sort out the problems but they never did. Eventually an official at the school told me that my school fees were not paid and advised me to return home.”

Molefe says at that time her cousin Monageng, who had also fallen victim to the agency, was preparing to leave the country to join her in Ireland. “Before I left Ireland I found out that Maureen’s fees were also not paid so I quickly notified her not to travel,” she said.

Realising that they had been cheated Monageng approached the agency to reclaim her money and was issued with a post-dated cheque which was later dishonoured by the bank.

DISTRAUGHT: Molefe and Monageng

“I had given them P50 000 and when I demanded the money back they gave me a cheque and told me to deposit it within two weeks. When I got to the bank the cheque bounced and I reported the matter to the police.

“The agency was located at the Red Cross building and when the police got there they found the ladies moving their furniture trying to relocate, and that was when they arrested them,” she said.

Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Education, Silas Sehularo said his office had not received any information regarding the concerned students. “The information that we receive usually concerns students who are on government scholarship and that is probably why the matter never reached our office as those are self-sponsored students,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from the Success College Principal in the Irish capital of Dublin were unsuccessful as he declined to discuss the issue without approval from the College Board.



24 Responses to “CON WOMEN”

  1. boselep 2012/11/12

    Aaaaa… this is sad, the cash they spent buying clothes for the winter, travel expenses and time, all gone to waste!!.. i think the women should go to jail for the rest of their pathetic lives!!!!

  2. cheerful 2012/11/12

    the directors of the Gaborone based Trillotech Travel Agency tricked them into parting with their money. The cheated women said they knew of at least six other students who were currently still stuck in Ireland.”

    The assets of these two con artists should be sold to try and recover the monies that they took from the students besides serving a sentence

  3. cheerful 2012/11/12

    “Trillotech Travel Agency ” what sort of travel agency is this dealing with sourcing of colleges abroad for students??

  4. phomphoko 2012/11/12

    send ths magotswana to 10 years in prison nxla

  5. ditso 2012/11/12

    batho ba sethogo jang? Mm ba ba iteile.

  6. Total 2012/11/13

    Eish, its fortunate that I was not one promised Mafatsheburg,nkabo ke emeletse ke rogile batho mo Bots. Nne ke tla nna wa ga mang jaanong ga ke buwa go padile! These ladies are cruel to other people’s dreams. Imagine the disruption to your life, le ntlo ya gago o ka rekisa thinking that once you have attained high education you will be able to buy an even bigger and better one

  7. @tshek 2012/11/13

    mxm scam @ its best.

  8. baswabile 2012/11/14

    Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!you two con women are a disgrace to your country, to your families, to women in Botswana and your Kids,your husbands or boyfriends if at all you still have because i believe a lot of them have now disowned you.
    how could you do this evil thing to innocent children who were smart enough to dream of going overseas.you fools u look like you can eat someone alive,how did those students trust you.JAIL SHOULD BE YOUR NEXT HOME.NTSHANG MADI A BANA!

  9. morabaraba 2012/11/14

    A real disgusting, devil and uncivilised behaviour. Where on earth are these creatures from? I heared their brother (who used to work with them)was sponsored by these innocent students’ money to go to ireland and i am yet to believe that he is surviving with this conned students money. They deserve to rot in jail with their brother for the mess they are doing to our country.

  10. baswabile 2012/11/14

    is it really true that the Brother is there overseas unbelievable!!!!!I think ther should be serious investigations on this issue because more could be revealed,maybe they transfered ths monies to ireland with the brother,Where are the THOUSANDS OF THE STUDENTS!!!!???????????????

  11. Neo Rantsia(MMASETENSE) 2012/11/14

    Mekoupere e bathong,kana ba utsusiwa ke gore kebo mama sukiri ma 14 baba tsentse ha le ha ka madi…ba tswalelelwe 20 solid years.

  12. batswana le bone ka gorata go ya mahatsheng.who want to go to ireland,its a dump over there anyway.you will be better studying in SA.go to ireland you will just be depressed and be racial abused.believe me stay home if you can.

  13. baswabile 2012/11/15

    the fact remains whether ireland or SA these thieves do not have the right to steal people’s monies because we live to work for money not to just take it because you think you know how,MAGODU A GA A DIRA SENTLE GOTLHELELE,basadi hela ba ipona ba utswa madi a bana ba a bereketse ka bokete ga ba boi le eseng Sis!

  14. mpena 2012/11/16

    bomme ba ke a baitse nne ke tsena nabo skolo yo mongwe yo gotweng Mpululu(nickname)nne ale dull tota i ges she was saving her brain for this.O bakile matlhale a moemetsi ko mahalapye prison kwa

  15. LORD BLACKWOOD 2012/11/16

    Molefe is DAFT also,who in his right mind would want to do a pathetic Diploma in Occupational Health in Ireland(as if one is going to study medicine) when you can pay a lesser fee in south africa,or rather do it part time.

  16. Lickson Sebotho 2012/11/16

    Just listening, ehe! Saving her brain 4 that?balaki nne bale kwa Bots.

  17. Tafburg 2012/11/19

    Mpululu bathong kegore why ane a tseela bana madii a bone ebe asaba ise sekolong, tota why asa bate tiro or a dire sumthng profitable n legal rather doing this, botlhale boja mong my chocolate, seka tlhola o boelela, le ene o leba tv too much thats why a dirile this things…
    she was raised well mare now is immoral, is time ekabo a aga llapa rather stealing from her sistas….
    hardluck my dear!!

  18. ANALISE 2012/11/20

    ao bomma…le re isa ko tase the bathong..emisang please..why should you use other people as your ladders to success….work hard and stop conning others..boo to that

  19. Mma Mphai 2012/11/21

    Magotswana ao a aye toronkong…ga ba swabe

  20. Like 2012/11/21

    they did the same to my sister 2 years ago, i left them with a word, that they will rot in jail one day!!! and can you imagine, upon a arrival they will be ringing them asking for stuff tobe sent to them, just like that….I wish and pray every minute that this two women be given the right punishment they deserve…

  21. baswabile 2012/11/23

    mpululu le tsala ya gago ya legodu,magotswana ke lona mo ke Botswana mo!ga ke ise ke bone legodu le tswa hela, le a ya chankaneng or else re tsile go lwela ditshwanelo tsa bana ba lo ba udubaditseng ba,ke gore ga le swabe!!!
    people who exposed this ladies,thanx to you magodu a le jaana aka bo a tsweletse a tlhe nkabo ba lebega jaanong ke dikgakga hela.

  22. Kedisang aka ctttd 2012/11/25

    Ao shems, go botlhoko mme gone we should learn dat most of dis courses dat we wanna follow outside da country are present in our beutiful Botswana. Hey guys basadi ba utswa go gaisa borre ka nnete.

  23. cheerful 2012/11/30

    This is not an isolated case. There are many people outthere on the continent trying to make fast money out of others who are trying to better their lives somewhere else. there have been cases where people have been put on small boats by these con people on to the rough seas on small boats only to either perish, suffer from hypothermia or are found dehydrated on beaches.

  24. Chris M 2012/12/02

    Diploma in occupational therapy abroad? Why? It’s offered right here at home! Wake up people!

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