RESCUE MISSION: Angelique pictured with the foal from one of her rescued horses

A local animal activist is appealing for help to save two horses that will starve to death if she can’t rescue them.

Angelique De Villiers, 28, runs a stables and an animal rescue and rehabilitation service from her farm in Mathangwane just outside Francistown.

A specialist dog trainer, who provides guard dogs for local security companies, she has also been caring for horses, dogs and birds for more than ten years since coming here from South Africa.

Recently she rescued five horses from a villager who was unable to look after the animals. The horses were malnourished, tick and worm infested, beaten and close to death.

“I got to know of the horses because when one of them recently died, they brought the carcass to me to buy for dog meat. That is when I learnt that there were eight other horses belonging to the owner that were also at risk.

“I managed to pay for five of the horses, but had to leave three behind as I had no more money. One has since died and the remaining two will soon follow if I can’t find the P7000 to get them away.”

Angelique has launched an international appeal with a video on You Tubein the hope of raising funds. But time is running out as the remaining horses are close to death.

Giving details of the appeal to The Voice, she said: “Thanks to all of you that are supporting me in this endeavor. Some might (and some do) think me crazy, but what can I do – I cannot just leave these animals to their fate. Please continue spreading the word.”

Angelique can be contacted on 71755702 and you can find out more on how to contribute from the link -

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