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Hiding from the camera; Onalethata

Father stabs son to death in fight with boy’s mom

¬†A 26- year- old man of Maun recently stabbed his two- year- old son to death during a squabble over food with the boy’s mother.

Onalethata Matonkole, 26 allegedly murdered the boy as a protest against his lover who wanted to leave the house at night without serving him food.

Evidence has shown that Matonkole arrived at his house drunk around midnight and demanded to be served food by his 21-year-old girlfriend.

When the woman threatened to leave the house if he continued to disturb her sleep Matankole went berserk and grabbed the sleeping boy from the bed and stabbed him several times with a sharp object while demanding to know where she wanted to go so late at night.

The mother’ screams for help awakened the neighbours¬† who called the police and the baby was rushed to the hospital where he was certified dead on arrival.

Carlos Diundu of Directorate of Public Prosecution  represented the state while the accused did not have a representative. His next date of court appearance is November 12.



6 Responses to “KILLER DAD CHARGED”

  1. Bonanza 2012/11/12

    Mxm! O bata kgole wena.

  2. ditso 2012/11/12

    Fa o bolaile motho ka selepe ke batla go diriswa sone fa ele thipa go diriswe yone gongwe batho ba ka boifa. Sis monna yo o ntenne jang.

  3. phomphoko 2012/11/13


  4. phana 2012/11/21

    mo ke mathothapelo waitse, janon ngwana ene o tsena ha kae? ke dumelana l wna ditso gr se o se dirisan go bolaa le wna o bolawe k sone,ao, seanyana la modimo, a mowa wa gago o robale ka kgotso nnaka

  5. kenaida 2012/11/25

    batho this world is really sick and itz getting worse …….in my view eye for an eye is the best punishment for murder………..

  6. aimz 2012/11/27


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