A supermarket baker’s passion for cakes and a desire to operate his own business have seen him starting his home-operated confectionery.

When he was appointed to work in the bakery department of the popular Pick’n Pay supermarket back in 2005, a youthful Kabelo Sethibe never imagined that some day he would operate a profitable confectionery company.

He baked the best cakes in the supermarket and impressed most customers so much that they persuaded him to bake for them at his house at more affordable prices.

When he started, Sethibe says, he was baking and selling at least three to five cakes in a week.

He was making enough money to pay his bills and put food on his table and with time he increased production and was able to further make ends meet.

“I was making a lot of money from home and I started saving.

Eventually I realized that I was actually earning more from my home business than my job and in 2008 I opened my company,” he recalls.

Now at the age of 30, Sethibe is the Managing Director of Nicer’s Special Function (PTY) Ltd, a Gaborone home operated confectionery.

“I operate from my house in Block 7 and I have since incorporated an entertainment company specializing in sound system, video shooting and t-shirt printing.”

His core business, Sethibe says, is the baking of specialized cakes for weddings, birthday parties and other special functions.

He also bakes and packages muffins and scones for special gifts.

“I have clients all over Gaborone and surrounding areas.

The job requires a lot of commitment and hard work and I have so far employed two assistants.

I always ensure that my customers get the best service and I always advise them to place orders well in time so that the products come out as perfectly as possible.

” For a special wedding cake, Sethibe says he needs at least a month’s notification so that he can work on the different stages.

“Those are special cakes and we call them fruit cakes.

They need a lot of attention and precision because they usually are meant to be kept or longer periods of time.

As for other cakes, I take up to two to three days,” he says.

Sethibe says he always ensures that he meets his customers’ expectations in terms of quality and aff ordability.

“I never disappoint my customers. I always make sure I beat my competitors, including retail stores.

I have since bought a car for convenience and I respond to customers’ enquiries by following them up wherever they are as long as they are within a 100km radius of Gaborone,” he adds.

The youthful Sethibe has never applied for any loan and says he will rely on his savings in future to expand his business and possibly Mopen a confectionery in one of the malls in the city.

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