BIG WEEKEND 02/11/12



THE Smart Men Campaign; a health innovation hub that supports existing health programmes has been running the Safe Male Circumcision campaign for UB Students and its affiliate Colleges since October 15th.

The campaign will go on for a month and on November 10th a star studded music show will be staged at BoB grounds.

Now here is the catch, this is not your typical music show despite performers being the usual suspects.

Bringing your male friend for circumcision before the show will guarantee you free entry.

Activities lined up for the all day event include a soccer challenge featuring media teams, artists, mobilisers and Zebras veterans.

There’ll be DJs’ TIzzy, Ricky Lamar, Timmy, MR.D (Groovy souls), Phou Boy and Botswana artists Vee, Kast, Mosako, Drama Boi, MMP, Ozi F TEDDY and many more.
Now girls you know what to do lets drag these fellas to the doctor; their foreskins are worth much more than the bald look. Bring a pledge and get in for free.



IF there is one artist who has managed to re-invent himself from time to time it has to be MC Maswe.

He has done it all, Kwasa Kwasa, Reggae and Mbaqanga.

He is one of the favourite artists for young people, alongside Vee, Slizer and Charma Gal. He recently released his fourth album titled Mama le Papa.

The album features Miss BOMU 2012, First Princess Mercy M and Maswe’s regular dancers- turned vocalists Oreneile “Rinny” Kgwelokgwelo and Wame Rabadi.

Maswe told Big Weekend that he has long wanted to bring women’s voices into his music hence the prominent involvement of the vocally gifted Mercy M and the duo of Wame and Rinny.

Based in Francistown MC Maswe is one of the few artists engaged by ACHAP in the Safe Male Circumcision campaign.



ARGUABLY the best outdoor venue in the country, Botswanacraft will have an interesting line-up of events this November.

Starting this weekend, the venue will play host to Ntlo ya Dikgosi Fundraising Culture Day. Charged at P250;
Ntirelang Berman, Seragantswane, Machesa and spoken word artist Kaone Bahuma will provide the entertainment.

The following week on Friday 10th, revellers will be treated to yet another Mascom Live session featuring South Africa’s talented guitarist Dan Patlansky.
SA’s leading Blues player will play alongside local resident bands SMS Blue Band and Quest.

The following day will see signing sensation Samantha  Mogwe serenade Mogopong Conference Centre.

For P130 prepare to be moved by this sensational artist, her live performance is certain to take your breath away.

CLEMENT Moreetsi Mosomodi Thebe is on the move.
DJ Phazz as he is known in the Disc Jockey world has cut himself a niche in the Namibian market.


Phazz has been making frequent visits to Windhoek where he has managed to get into a
network of people who really matter.

He recently performed at the triple floor Chez-ntemba and got the attention of another promoter who invited him for a gig this weekend Gobabis at a joint called Turning Point Club.

Currently his mix-tapes featuring mainly local music are on rotation on two of Windhoek’s hot radio stations Base FM and Tys FM.

Phazz’s mixtape is also playing on a Ghanian online radio station. Good going my man we could use another Dj Fresh in Windhoek.



He introduced himself through the debut album ‘Nabwela’ followed by the kwaito production ‘Spheto Wozala’ featuring Coloza.

Now SEP has just dropped his third album Rampatshetlha. The Mbaqanga album still shows the artist from Tlhamaga’s love for Sesotho, Xhosa and Zulu languages.

The eight track album has songs like O makopo featuring Topito.

It’s a dedication to Bahurutshe which sees the artist hyping up a baboon; the tribe’s totem.

Other songs include City Pantsula, Tautona Khama, and my favourite tune Mo Lefatsheng featuring Astley Gops.

The album gets 6.5 out of 10.

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