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Survey reveals what men and women say about penis size.

If results of a Voice Survey are anything to go by, the Francistown teacher who was duped of P27 600 trying to enlarge his penis did not need to go through such expensive lengths because according to a majority of ladies: ‘size does not matter.’ In fact most men agreed with what the ladies said and were totally satisfied with their packages.

Conducted on social media platform, the survey asked the sexes individual questions regarding penile sizes. The gents were asked whether they were satisfied with the size or wanted it bigger. Ladies on the other hand were probed with the question: ‘does size matter?’

The proliferation of self-styled traditional doctors offering penile enlargements of up to 30cm in a couple of days would suggest that there is a lucrative market from men dissatisfied with their penises.
However, results from the survey showed that an astounding 93% of men were satisfied with their assets.
“My size is good, and I have no intention to enlarge it. It is just perfect, I love it,” proudly shared Tom Mosifa like Sylvester Magalie who said: “I am comfortable with my size- as little as it is. Size doesn’t matter, as long as my lady is satisfied.”
At the other end of the stick, the few like Gopolang Zomba, had this to say: “I want something big, I don’t want to tickle anyone as if I am a worm.
There are plenty of God made trees capable of enlarging which can be used in desperate times. It is just like how people go to the gym to get muscles. Plus size matters.”

Size may matter according to the likes of Zomba, but 83% of ladies insisted otherwise, instead they emphasized that on ‘performance not size’. “Size is not a problem.
The problem is that men don’t know how to use assets to please their women,” asserted Patricia Kootlelwe. Irene Otumile hoped her comment would be loud enough for men to listen as she said: “Why do men need to enlarge their manhood? As a lady, truly, size doesn’t matter.
Why don’t people understand that? What is up with having a big manhood, are you trying to get people intimidated by your package?”

14% of the ladies felt that a bigger size was the best ingredient to heating the sheets up. The remaining 3% observed that size mattered according to individual preferences and mattered also insofar as a large manhood would also be undesirable.

As the duped teacher’s court case against the doctors who conned him continues, at least results from the survey may offer some relief to his pressures of getting a larger manhood to satisfy his fiancée.


For Him: ‘Are you comfortable with your size or want it bigger?’
Want it Bigger: 7%

For Her: ‘Does size matter?”
Yes: 17%
No: 83%



Last week, I looked forward to seeing the headline news in The Voice newspaper. 
My enthusiasm was how is The Voice going to sustain the hype and momentum, created by the ‘Pitsane’ story involving the Minister’s alleged threesome abilities with some young girls? Well, I must admit that the Voice somewhat disappointed me this time.  Not that I enjoy bedroom or sexual matters, but somehow my appetite was still high for something of a similar nature.
Or at the very least, I expected a reply from the Minister.
Similar to the Bill Clinton type of response on the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Anyway, my disappointment stemmed from the fact that The Voice headline was “You can’t say that” and it went to say that the “Australian mine boss faces police probe after allegations he called President Khama ‘foolish’ and ‘gay looking’.  I wondered why this would make headlines in the first place.
Secondly I wondered, why would the police probe such a matter.
Thirdly, I wondered, so what if the President is gay looking?  These are the questions I wish we could all answer.

Why did The Voice see this as a headline story that would sell?
I think they possibly thought since it’s a matter that involves the President it would sell.
Secondly, reports that the President previously deported a person who was reported to have said that he looks like a Mosarwa could have been the drive to publish this story.
They possibly thought this was a worse off case.  As to why the police would probe, I think they too had the Mosarwa looking case in mind.
They thought since Basarwa are not necessarily prejudiced and marginalized to the extent that gays are, then the President will naturally be unhappy and they would rather be seen to be doing something about the issue.
At least I think.

The remark that the President is foolish is perhaps the disrespectful part.  But then again, that may be how he sees him.
I for one have been called foolish /stupid on many occasions, for instance when I resigned from Collins Newman & Company in 2007, one of the partners there told me I am being stupid.
When I represent gays and lesbians, some people tell me that I am being ‘silly’, though I guess not in the Pitsane context!

I ask, so what if he is gay looking?  Is being gay an insult or an identity that one chooses, which identity my President acknowledges as he assented to the Employment Act amendment that recognizes Sexual Orientation.
If being gay is not offensive so why would ‘gay looking’ be offensive to the extent that the police would want to probe?  I read the comments on Facebook by The Voice readers reacting to the story.
Majority of them are saying the Australian guy is out of order and must to be declared a Prohibited Immigrant.
I find it hard to fathom why.
If the remarks were made by a Motswana, what would have been their reaction?  I wonder.  I for one have not only been said to be gay looking but that I am gay.
I guess this stems from my association with gay rights.
Do I find the remarks making me out to be gay offensive? No!  Why?  Because they don’t change my sexual orientation and I value gays and lesbians as human beings of dignity and character.
I wouldn’t mind working with or being led by a gay or lesbian person.
Their sexuality, unless I want to sleep with them, should not matter to me.
It is a personal choice.

The kind of remarks I saw on social media would make people who are gay to remain closeted.
Assuming, and I repeat, assuming, that indeed the President was gay, would he come out in the midst of such negative reactions? You be the judge.

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