NOT WANTED: Chillyboy Rakgare

The Chairperson of the Botswana Democratic Party Youth League, (DPYL) Andy Boatile has requested President, Ian Khama Seretse Khama to expel a party member for his dissenting voice on facebook.

In a phone interview on Wednesday, Boatile admitted to have made the recommendation to the President.

He said he wanted the President to kick out a former BDP National Youth Committee Member (NYC), Chillyboy Rakgare because of his negative comments that discredited the  BDP on social media.

“It is true, I wrote to the President through the Party Secretary General and Legal advisor and recommended the expulsion of  Chillyboy,” Boatile confirmed.

He said Chillyboy was not only disrespecting the ruling party, but the President as well. To prove his point Boatile directed The Voice Reporter to Chillyboy’s facebook comment in which he was criticising President Khama’s leadership style.

In the comment Chillyboy suggested that Khama was too lenient and prone to using his position to appease his friends and relatives.

The offending comment among other things called for the sacking of the Minister of Sports  Shaw Kgathi with immediate effect and points out how the president had allegedly failed to act against a whole host of Minsters who in Chiliboy’s opinion should have been dropped by now for various reasons such as Minister  De Graaf,  Seakgosing, Ndelu Seretse Mathambo,and  Kitso Mokaila for the recent Pitsane sex scandal

Chiliboy further in the same post says the only thing the president seems to have succeeded at so far  is to appoint his brother Tshekedi Khama to a Cabinet post as the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism.

Commenting on the above post Boatile said: “I have been watching his comments on facebook, castigating our party. It is not acceptable. In the BDP we work through collective responsibility. We cannot accept these things.”

Chillyboy, a former  Botswana National Front (BNF) member challenged Boatile in NYC elections held in Sefhare in April this year and lost.

Chiliboy however in a separate interview expressed disappointment at Boatile’s actions.

“It is very unfortunate. I got to hear about that from some of the committee members and the message has even been leaked into facebook. Boatile’s mandate is not to report people but to ensure that the youth rights are taken care of,” he pointed out.

Rubbishing Boatile’s claims that his was a case of sour grapes over losing in Sefhare Chiliboy said “I have long accepted defeat. I don’t need the BDP to survive. He (Boatile) is doing all these things because he has probably surrounded his life with the BDP. I don’t survive with handouts from the party. I work hard for myself. Does he want me to state that they won Sefhare elections because they plied the youth with beer so that they could  vote for them!”

Meanwhile some NYC members have expressed disappointment at the recent developments and accused Boatile of not cooperating with the rest of the committee. In fact they revealed that they were not happy that Boatile has suspended an additional NYC member, Luis Banda of Serowe Region over face book comments.

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